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10 Beautiful Pictures Of LIGHTSUM’s SangAh To Remind You Of Her Visual Power : Entertainment Daily

10 Beautiful Pictures Of LIGHTSUM’s SangAh To Remind You Of Her Visual Power : Entertainment Daily

K-Pop is full of beautiful idols with stunning visuals. In fact, the visual position is quite an important one in any group. Some groups are so collectively gorgeous that every single member could hold the visual position.
LIGHTSUM is one of the groups where every single member is gorgeous and has potential to be the group’s visual. They are a group of eight visual members.
One of the members who is absolutely gorgeous is LIGHTSUM’s SangAh. 
So, we’ve compiled this list of 10 beautiful pictures of SangAh to remind you of her beauty.
1. Smiling and shining brightly
SangAh is the prettiest when she is smiling like this. It brings a different type of glow to her face.
CUBE Entertainment
2. Holding a ukelele
She can make something as simple as holding a ukelele look like fashion. We love the fact that it matches her hair, too.
CUBE Entertainment
3. Barbie Doll SangAh 
There’s no doubt that SangAh is one of the K-Pop idols who can be considered Barbie-Doll-like. This photo proves that.
CUBE Entertainment
4. Mermaid SangAh
SangAh looks like a mermaid in her blue hair and we can’t get enough of it!
LIGHTSUM’s Instagram
5. With her hair blowing in the wind
There’s something majestic about the way that the wind blows in her hair too.  
CUBE Entertainment
6. Natural beauty
SangAh looks gorgeous in this photo with minimal makeup, showing off her natural beauty.
LIGHTSUM’s Instagram
7. SangAh in pigtails
The pigtails bring emphasis to SangAh’s sharp lines and defined features.
LIGHTSUM’s Instagram
8. Serving looks and potions
Beauty and brains… We wonder what’s in the potion that SangAh has mixed up here. A youth potion? Beauty potion? What do you think?
CUBE Entertainment
9. Making a cheek heart
SangAh looks lovable with her cheek heart pose.
LIGHTSUM’s Instagram
10. Sending you a finger heart
She’s also making sure that SUMIT don’t forget how much she loves them in this pretty selfie.
LIGHTSUM’s Instagram
What do you think of SangAh? Which picture is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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