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Nam Joo Hyuk Is Forced To Speak Up For Himself In “Twenty Five, Twenty One” : Entertainment Daily

Nam Joo Hyuk Is Forced To Speak Up For Himself In “Twenty Five, Twenty One” : Entertainment Daily

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” has shared emotional new stills of Nam Joo Hyuk. tvN’s “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is set in 1998 and stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri as Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do, who first meet when they are 22 and 18 years old and fall in love when they meet again at age 25 and 21. It is about the youth who lost their dreams in the wake of the 1997 financial crisis and find new growth and direction. Baek Yi Jin is the eldest son of a family that is torn apart due to the IMF crisis. Despite his difficult background, he picks up all kinds of part-time jobs and works hard to eventually become a reporter. In the new stills, Baek Yi Jin is shown bowing his head in apology, as if feeling regretful about doing something wrong. He must deal with all the people who have sought him out, and as their voices get louder, the only thing Baek Yi Jin can do is bow his head and tear up. Eventually, he’s able to put his emotions aside and speak his truth. Stay tuned to see how the others react to Baek Yi Jin’s confession and to learn more about the character’s difficult situation. While filming this upsetting scene, Nam Joo Hyuk was able to capture the right amount of sadness and tension to create a gloomy atmosphere that allowed all spectators to immerse. Right from rehearsals, Nam Joo Hyuk perfectly stayed in role, making staff members grow quiet at his tears. Once the director called out ‘Cut’ after the silent and emotional scene, Nam Joo Hyuk remained in place, showcasing his immersion and dedication. Production company Hwa&Dam Pictures commented, “Nam Joo Hyuk is a special actor who thoroughly analyzes and thinks over each and every scene, and who has a passion for acting. Please look forward to Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting as he will wholly convey the growth of a youth who becomes even stronger as they overcome hardship and adversity.” “Twenty Five, Twenty One” will premiere on February 12 at 9:10 p.m. KST following the conclusion of “Bulgasal.” Check out a teaser here! Watch Nam Joo Hyuk in “Radiant” below! Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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