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DKB Takes Over Lunar New Year With A Hanbok Version Of “Rollercoaster” : Entertainment Daily

DKB Takes Over Lunar New Year With A Hanbok Version Of “Rollercoaster” : Entertainment Daily

South Korea is celebrating the Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal) and the spirit of celebration is in the air. On the occasion of Seollal, Korean artists are wishing their fans and the general public a happy and healthy new year, donning traditional hanboks. International fans always look forward to this day to see their favourite idols wearing the hanbok, celebrating their traditions, and spreading more awareness about Korean culture globally. 
While most idols and idol groups are sending their greetings through special pictorials or videos, DKB, one of the leading 4th generation K-Pop groups, decided to do something even more memorable. On January 31, 2022, DKB uploaded a special performance clip for “Rollercoaster”, their latest single, but with a twist: the hanbok version!
“Rollercoaster” is a high-energy yet sentimental and addictive song that rides on the intensity and emotions of the members. In the hanbok version, it is even more alluring and interesting! The “Intro” section of the video features an incredible fusion of dance styles to create the perfectly choreographed preface to the main focus: “Rollercoaster”. The orange and teal background is perfectly suited to the performance and adds to the atmosphere of the same. This is easily one of the most impressive DKB performances we’ve ever had.
You can watch the video below!

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