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5 “All Of Us Are Dead” Actors Who Proved Their Duality Through The K-Drama : Entertainment Daily

5 “All Of Us Are Dead” Actors Who Proved Their Duality Through The K-Drama : Entertainment Daily

“All of Us Are Dead” is still getting all of the buzz as Netflix’s latest original K-Drama. Many are excited for Netflix’s lineup this year and it’s been heightened by the success of “All of Us Are Dead”. 
Many of the actors have also seen a spike in popularity as K-Drama fans grew curious about them after seeing them onscreen. 
You may have seen some of the actors from “All of Us Are Dead” in previous dramas and maybe not recognized them because of how different their roles may have been.
So, we’ve compiled a list of the actors who have played extremely different characters before and thus showed their duality in “All of Us Are Dead”.
Note: This list is in no particular order.

WeTV / Netflix
Park Solomon played the handsome version of Tuo Wen Shuai/Kris in the Chinese drama “Lookism”, the drama required him to have two personas and focused on him being the cool popular guy which was very different from his role in “All of Us Are Dead” as SooHyuk.
Even though he was popular in “All of Us Are Dead” too it was not the main point of his character and he got to show more of a tough side.

In Lee YouMi’s drama “Squid Game”, she played JiYeong who was selfless and made sacrifices for others.
However, in “All of Us Are Dead” she played NaYeon who is extremely stubborn and selfish. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as things go her way. The contrast between their personalities was quite stark. 

tvN / SBS / Netflix
In Jung YiSeo’s previous dramas, she has played the head of the student dorm with suspicious behavior in “Snowdrop” and played a hardworking maid in the house of a mega-rich family in “Mine”.
“All of Us Are Dead” challenged her to play two very different roles in one, a bully and a zombie.

KBS / tvN / Netflix
Jo YiHyun usually plays bright characters such as her intern role on “Hospital Playlist” named YoonBok and her role as a bubbly high school student in “School 2021”.
In “All of Us Are Dead” she was more of the introverted type at first.

SBS / Netflix
In “Everything and Nothing” Yoon ChanYoung played a character named Go MinJae who is quiet, reserved, and sensitive.
This is very different from his character Lee CheongSan who is outgoing, outspoken, and tough especially in the face of zombies. 
Which character/actor from “All of Us Are Dead” do you think has the most duality? Let us know in the comments.

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