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10 Pictures To Remind You How Handsome JUST B’s Lim JiMin Is : Entertainment Daily

10 Pictures To Remind You How Handsome JUST B’s Lim JiMin Is : Entertainment Daily

JUST B is a rookie boy group that is stealing the hearts of K-Pop fans one fan at a time. They are known for their sheer performance power and for their music with addictive rhythms.
Although all of the members stand out on stage, leader Lim JiMin is an all-rounder who seriously captures the eye. Not only is he talented but he is also quite the visual.
So, we’ve gathered 10 handsome pictures of JUST B’s Lim JiMin for your appreciation. 
1. As your good luck charm
Fitting with this year’s zodiac, Lim JiMin is the cutest tiger in his onesie. This photo is sure to bring you good luck in 2022!
JUST B’s Twitter
2. Athlete Lim JiMin
You’d think that Lim JiMin is a sponsored athlete at first glance of this behind-the-scenes photo from their song’s music video. Don’t forget to listen to ‘DAMAGE’ today in honor of this epic photo. 
BLUE DOT Entertainment
3. Editorial Lim JiMin
If there’s one thing that this photo of Lim JiMin confirms, it’s that he needs to have a bunch of pictorials added to his schedule ASAP! 
4. Everything that the light touches is handsome
The sun is Lim JiMin’s personal spotlight and we are loving how the fragments highlight his gorgeousness.
BLUE DOT Entertainment
5. Beauty that shines through the shadows
Even in the dark, Lim JiMin’s beauty shines through. We have to show some appreciation to his jawline, too. 
BLUE DOT Entertainment
6. JiMin with the good hair
Lim JiMin can clearly pull off any hair, but this silver/ash grey look suits him exceptionally well. 
BLUE DOT Entertainment
7. Showing love for his fans
We love how much Lim JiMin loves ONLY B. It makes him all the more charming. 
BLUE DOT Entertainment
8. He was a skater boy
Lim JiMin can even pull off skater boy aesthetic and we’re living for it. 
BLUE DOT Entertainment
9. Sending you Pepero on Pepero day
Imagine if Lim JiMin sent you this photo just before gifting you Pepero on Pepero Day (similar to Valentine’s Day in Korea). The boyfriend material aspect of this photo is everything. 
JUST B’s Twitter
10. Futuristic Lim JiMin
He looks so futuristic in this photo and it’s very fitting. Not only does it make him look good but it’s emphasizing that he is an artist with a bright future, too.
BLUE DOT Entertainment
What do you think of Lim JiMin? Which of these photos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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