Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Watch: Soo Ae And Lee Yi Dam Keep Things Light While Filming Difficult Begging Scene In “Artificial City” : Entertainment Daily

Watch: Soo Ae And Lee Yi Dam Keep Things Light While Filming Difficult Begging Scene In “Artificial City” : Entertainment Daily

JTBC released a behind-the-scenes video from episode 15 of “Artificial City”! “Artificial City” is a mystery thriller set against the backdrop of an art museum that belongs to Sung Jin Group, a major conglomerate that holds the reins of political and financial power in South Korea. The drama is about the greed and ambitions of women who strive to reach the highest position in the nation. The drama centers around Yoon Jae Hee (Soo Ae)’s ruthless ambitions to make her husband (Kim Kang Woo) the president and her conflicts with the various men and women around Sung Jin Group who are also seeking power for reasons of their own. A central relationship is between Yoon Jae Hee and Lee Seol (Lee Yi Dam), whose lives are enmeshed in a tangled web of secrets, deceit, and ambition. The behind-the-scenes video focuses on a scene in episode 15 when Yoon Jae Hee goes down on her knees to beg Lee Seol to vanish from her life. Lee Seol just tells her to wait before leaving the room. The two actresses lightly practice their lines with the director, who gets absorbed in the scene even when they’re just running over their lines. As they wait for proper rehearsals to start, Soo Ae and Lee Yi Dam joke around and laugh behind-the-scenes. Despite cracking up a few times, the actresses quickly immerse themselves into the emotion and tension of the scene. After the rehearsal, Soo Ae and Lee Yi Dam continue to discuss their facial expressions and various details as the filming prepares to begin. Soo Ae even debates the precise detail about whether she should sweep back her hair or let it be to add to the emotion. With all the work that’s been put in, the actresses give a flawless performance, with Soo Ae showing real tears to her eyes as she begs the other woman to get out of her life. As soon as the director yells cut, Lee Yi Dam gives her a hug and a staff member brings her a Kleenex. Check out the video below! Watch “Artificial City” below! Watch Now How does this article make you feel?

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