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EXO’s Kai Shows His Immense Love For His Family In His Recent Instagram Post : Entertainment Daily

EXO’s Kai Shows His Immense Love For His Family In His Recent Instagram Post : Entertainment Daily

EXO‘s Kai seems to be spending the Lunar New Year with his family. And although the idol clearly is enjoying his well-deserved rest, that did not stop him from gifting his fans a bunch of content.

the amount of updates jongin gave us today.. thank you so much loml #카이버블
— sky🍑 (@ceokaii) January 31, 2022

He uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that showed him talking about his Lunar New Year traditions. And he also uploaded a bunch of photographs taken from the video to Twitter.
The photographs showed off…
His first attempt at making tteokguk, a slice rice cake soup, a traditional Korean dish to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Kai’s tteokguk | @weareoneEXO/Twitter
EXO’s Kai | @weareoneEXO/Twitter
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
The envelopes he made so he could give money to his niece and nephew.
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
And the New Year’s greeting he wrote to fans. And after much deliberation, Kai decided on writing “let’s have peace.”
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
Your browser does not support video.| KAI/YouTube 
Kai also took to Bubble (an app where idols can message fans) to share even more photos. He showed himself visiting his niece and nephew to give them money and spend quality time with them.

Kai Bubble 💭: “Visiting family for new year. I’m seeing my niece and nephew.”
Happy New Year, Jongin! ❤️🎊
— MILCS || Chanyolks✨ (@pcyxxloey) January 31, 2022

this day just looks so perfect to jongin and his family ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ and he’s so nice to also share it to us 🥺🥺 my heart is soooo full 💖
— yash • K𝒜I (@imjonginswife) January 31, 2022

But perhaps the most heartwarming content was what Kai shared on Instagram.
Although the photographs were not much different than the ones, he uploaded to Bubble, showing him spending time with his family.
| @zkdlin/Instagram
Showing they likely spent time at an amusement park together.
| @zkdlin/Instagram
Posing for a goofy photograph inside an egg.
EXO’s Kai and his nephew | @zkdlin/Instagram
And checking on his nephew, who clearly wanted to join in on the fun.
But his caption for his Instagram post tugged at his fan’s heartstrings.
Two of the photographs he included in the post were of his mother taking care of him.
EXO’s Kai and his mother | @zkdlin/Instagram
And then the two sharing a warm embrace.
| @zkdlin/Instagram
Kai simply captioned his post, “Still a baby to my mom.”

And, of course, he had to reference his egg photographs with the chick emoji.
His fans understandably felt emotional at how Kai continually demonstrates his love for his family members.

jongin bestest uncle, brother, son and boy 💛
— ً (@zkdlitboy) January 31, 2022

And reminisced about how the idol has consistently demonstrated the importance of family no matter how much he has grown.

“i’m still a baby to my mom” — kim jongin
these are photos of kai with his mom when he was rookie and photos of them from today ♡
— 𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎 🍑🏹 (@ohsenh) January 31, 2022


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