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Bias Duality: Park Solomon Then Vs. Now : Entertainment Daily

Bias Duality: Park Solomon Then Vs. Now : Entertainment Daily

Welcome to the twenty-fifth article of Kpopmap’s series exploring the amazing duality of K-Pop idols, actors, models and more! 
Previously in this series, we brought to you the duality of  SF9’s ZuHo, ATEEZ’s SeongHwa, MinGi, MIRAE’s Son DongPyo, Stray Kids’ Felix, VERIVERY’s GyeHyeon, EXO’s BaekHyun, THE BOYZ’ YoungHoon, and UP10TION’s Kim WooSeok, CRAVITY’s MinHee, AB6IX’s DaeHwi, WOODZ, Ong SeongWu, SF9’s DaWon, 2PM’s Ok TaecYeon, (G)I-DLE’s MiYeon, MONSTA X’s I.M, LUNA’s Yoon TaeIn from “Let Me Be Your Knight”, NCT’s Kun, BLACKPINK’s JiSoo, Park JiHoon, ITZY’s RyuJin, ITZY’s YeJi, ENHYPEN’s SungHoon and MAMAMOO’s WheeIn.
Today, we’ll be diving deep into the duality of Park Solomon, also known as Lomon, the internet’s latest obsession/crush, who plays Lee SooHyuk in the drama “All Of Us Are Dead”. 
Having established himself in the K-Drama as well as the C-Drama industry, Lomon is an accomplished actor who is highly sought-after because of his skills. “All Of Us Are Dead” is his K-Drama comeback after five years since “Sweet Revenge”, where he played the dreamy and romantic Shin JiHoon. Perhaps the only thing Lee SooHyuk has in common with Shin JiHoon is that they’re both high school heartthrobs with hearts of gold. With Lee SooHyuk, Lomon shows his duality as an actor and truly proves his versatility. Needless to say, the K-Drama industry gained a rising star with Lomon’s comeback. We cannot wait to see more of his works soon!
Herald Pop Lomon’s Instagram
Not only has the actor grown and matured but has also expanded the horizons of his skills and talent. While he looked innocent and sweet in almost every frame of “Sweet Revenge”, in “All Of Us Are Dead”, he portrays a complexity of emotions with each expression. Lomon effortlessly imbued Lee SooHyuk with feelings of longing, platonic love, romantic love, fear, courage, and more, all at the same time, creating a realistic and approachable character that audiences could relate to and connect with. He did all this while looking drop-dead gorgeous too!
Needless to say, we’re obsessed and so are fans all over the world. At the time of writing, Lomon has 1 million followers on Instagram, seeing quite the massive jump after the release of “All Of Us Are Dead”.

lomon as suhyeok from all of us are dead (2022)
— • ͜ʖ • (@winotna) January 29, 2022

The making cut of “All Of Us Are Dead” further proves our point that Lomon has a striking duality and isn’t afraid to show it!

— georgina (@manduembul) January 31, 2022

All Of Us Are Dead | Making Of, Lomon cut#LOMON #로몬 #ParkSolomon #AllOfUsAreDead #지금우리학교는 #LeeSoohyuk #이수혁
— LOMON | park solomon (@parksolomon_kr) January 26, 2022

You can follow Lomon on Instagram here.

Have you watched “All Of Us Are Dead” yet? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!

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