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BELIFT LAB Under Fire For Poor Styling And Editing Of ENHYPEN’s Jay And Jake : Entertainment Daily

BELIFT LAB Under Fire For Poor Styling And Editing Of ENHYPEN’s Jay And Jake : Entertainment Daily

CJ ENM and HYBE‘s music label BELIFT LAB is under fire for multiple reasons, and ENGENEs (fans of ENHYPEN) are calling on the company to make a statement and apologize.
The first issue occurred on January 23. ENHYPEN performed at SBS Inkigayo, and Jake was questionably styled. 
During the stage, he wore a necklace with Allah (God in Islam)’s name in Arabic. 

ENGENEs were shocked and disappointed when they noticed the necklace. Knowing that Jake is not Muslim, it is inappropriate to wear it as an accessory.

Why is jake from enhypen wearing a necklace that says Allah(god) on it😭 this is so disrespectful????? ALLAHS NAME IS NOT AN ACCESSORY, RELIGION IS NOT AN ACCESSORY
— Stayc (@megshottie_) January 29, 2022

Muslim ENGENEs especially have been educating on why this style choice was so problematic. “Allah” is a sacred word, and to wear it on a necklace, particularly for non-Muslims, is blasphemous.

Honestly, It hurts seeing this happening alot in the k-industry. Please, our religion is not an aesthetic or a accessory. This is really disrespectful for us. We are hoping to get a proper apology. #BELIFTAPOLOGIZE #BELIFT_APOLOGIZE
— 윤소원 (@yunsowon16) January 31, 2022

Some people really comparing this situation to idols wearing cross signs… it’s not the same because the word “Allah” doesn’t translate to just “god” as most think. It’s a very sacred name that we use for the one we worship and if you’re not muslim please do not speak on this.
— Samsam || check pinned📌 (@StrayAhgase1) January 29, 2022

because I know it’s not his intention to wear it in the first place and to offend Muslims.+++#BELIFT_APOLOGIZE
— Red| #andAuditionboys (@iland_20) January 31, 2022

However, the fans also emphasize that this is not Jake’s fault. Most idols don’t have freedom when dressing for events. Technically, the BELIFT LAB stylist made the wrong decision in selecting the jewelry for Jake to wear on stage.

I’m a Muslim, but I don’t blame Jake at all. he just wears whatever his stylist gives him. The stylists is the one who really deserves to be blamed and given a comment so that they can correct this stupidity#BELIFT_APOLOGIZE #ENHYPEN_JAKE #JAKEWELOVE_SUPPORTYOU
— ashaa (@enhalatte_) January 31, 2022

#ENHYPEN_jake OK so jake is wearing a necklace that has Allah’s name on it as a Muslim engene this this VERY DISRESPECTFUL but I know ITS NOT JAKE’s FAULT he doesn’t pick and choose what to wear and what not to wear.
— Sooah (@Sooah20134121) January 29, 2022

Jake has nothing to do with this. The stylist and @BELIFTLAB is the one who should make an apology Jake wasn’t aware that the necklace has الله on itY’all better keep jake away.
— 쪼꼬미 젴 🍓 (@Jakesramyeon02) January 29, 2022

So please apologize. Don’t wait for this issue to escalate because there are more and more people who are hating J4ke, even though it’s your company’s fault that this is happening now and Jake doesn’t deserve it. @BELIFTLAB
— Red| #andAuditionboys (@iland_20) January 31, 2022

Now, ENGENEs are calling on BELIFT LAB to address the situation. They are hoping for an apology as well as better education for the artists and stylists moving forward to reduce these types of incidents in the future.

Dear @BELIFTLAB During the Inkigayo stage on 23rd January, JAKE from ENHYPEN was seen wearing a necklace that says Allah (God in Islam)’s name in Arabic. This is very disrespectful to Muslims. We hope a proper apology is made, and, the artists and stylists to be better educated.
— TEAM JAKE (@jakeupdateteam) January 29, 2022

As of January 30 evening KST, “#BELIFT_APOLOGIZE” has been trending on Twitter under K-Pop.
| Twitter
Fans are also emailing BELIFT LAB via With the subject line “Inappropriate Styling on ENHYPEN Member,” they explain the urgency of the situation in a few paragraphs. 
To Whom it may concern,
It is of utmost importance that you pay attention to this message.
I would like to call your attention to the content released of ENHYPEN member JAKE from their Inkigayo music stage on 23 January, 2022. In these various media, he is seen performing and doing activities while wearing a necklace that says الله (Allah), which is the name of God in Islam. This is very disrespectful and blasphemous to Muslims, because our religion and especially not the name of God Himself should not be made into an aesthetic and worn as an accessory.
We have also reached out to the online store that produced & sold these necklaces, and they have taken prompt action by removing the listings for it from their website. It is only necessary that we receive a response from BELIFT LAB as well, who need to take responsibility for this mistake.
As it was a mistake made by both the styling staff and the artist at BELIFT LAB, I urge your company to reconsider your future stylistic choices and provide knowledge regarding different religions. I plead the company and the artist to be better educated to prevent this from happening again.
— @jakeupdateteam/Twitter

Additionally, ENGENEs have contacted the brand behind the necklace designer, FORCHASER. Since then, the company has deactivated Instagram pages and removed the necklace listing from the online store.

update on the brand
they answered on my kakaotalk message kr: “we have deleted it right away, we’re sorry”. the necklace isn’t available on their site anymore & they deactivated their both instagram pages. i saw on the timeline that they answered on some mails too
— fa2🐾 d-18 (@sculpturejay) January 30, 2022

However, the necklace issue is not the only reason BELIFT LAB is being criticized by ENGENEs. Recently, the official ENHYPEN YouTube channel uploaded the video “ENHYPEN’s Free Board : ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’ ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ – ENHYPEN (엔하이픈).”

And, ENGENEs are pointing out not only poor editing but inappropriate jokes made at the expense of the members, especially Jay.

we’ve seen belift mistranslation and poor editing many times but some of you still failed to trust their friendship. instead of clarifying, you throw other members under the bus just to satisfy your narrative, linking every single line to your imagination about ++
— jess⁷ 𐂂 happy LNY! (@heessluvs) January 31, 2022

Belift nice editing skills
— 🐙ᴏʟɪᴡɪᴀ⁷|ᴱᴺ⁻ (@_littleangelx) January 30, 2022

Belift is running out of ideas for content or what?Making videos out of the member’s personal problems and editing it in a way which is disrespectful to them is NOT okay.
— angela (@hoonsglasses) January 30, 2022

One of the most problematic parts was when an editor put a “funny” face over Jay’s authentic expression. Not only that but a picture of Jay was edited on top of a trashcan.

the editors went too far with the editing, especially the covering up editing. tho i think in the end he made kind of weird face that they usually cover up because sn said “뭐야?” which would mean “whats that?”nevertheless the editor is having too much fun when he’s being teased
— fa2🐾 d-18 (@sculpturejay) January 30, 2022

This is so fucking annoying. I hate you so much belift lab. I unfollowed u months ago and this is so shitty. Who edited this video?
— ele (@notparkjay) January 30, 2022

Again, fans are emphasizing none of the issues should warrant hate directed at the idols. Instead, they are hoping for the company to deal with the matters.

jke said “the trash…was j4y” indirectly pertaining that jy threw the trash. hence why nk & jy corrected it afterwards.
dont come at jke telling that he is at fault, clearly jy (& the others) understood it. the editor just LITERALLY EDITED IT which is UNNECESSARY AT ALL 😀⁉️
— alexa! (@heeforshe) January 30, 2022

The video in question is filled with comments for Jay. Fans are hoping to encourage him.
Screenshot on January 31, 2022. | ENHYPEN/YouTube
Screenshot on January 31, 2022. | ENHYPEN/YouTube

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