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6 Differences Between The “All Of Us Are Dead” Netflix Original K-Drama And Webtoon : Entertainment Daily

6 Differences Between The “All Of Us Are Dead” Netflix Original K-Drama And Webtoon : Entertainment Daily

“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon / Netflix
“All of Us Are Dead” is the latest buzzworthy Netflix Original K-Drama that fans can’t get enough of. 
Starring Yoon ChanYoung (as Lee ChangSan), Park JiHu (as Nam OnJo), Cho YiHyun (as Choi NamRa), Lomon (as Lee SooHyuk), Jung YiSeo (as Kim HyeonJu), and more, the series and actors are getting a lot of hype. It tells the story of those isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has been spread and those who are trying to save them. 
“All of Us Are Dead” is originally based on a webtoon called “Now at Our School” (in Korean “지금 우리 학교는”) and was written by Joo DongKeun. It is a webtoon restricted to readers under 18 and a manga, too. You can read the webtoon here in Korean.
Although the webtoon and K-Drama are not exactly the same, none of the differences drastically change the story. However, you might find some of the differences interesting.
So, here is a randomly ordered list of 6 differences between the “All of Us Are Dead” K-Drama and the webtoon.
WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for episodes 1-4 of the “All of Us Are Dead” K-Drama and episodes 1-6 of the webtoon.
Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive subjects such as violence, suicide, and other topics seen in the drama. As mentioned, the webtoon is restricted to readers under 18 as it contains mature subject matter. Please read with caution.
1. The way that the story begins
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon / Netflix Screenshot
In the K-Drama, the story begins with us learning about the bullying JinSu (son of science teacher Lee ByeongChan) undergoes and then learning that there is something physically wrong with him as he gets taken to hospital. He turns out to be a zombie and the mystery begins about how he came to be one. We then later get to see the students in their daily lives at school.
However, in the webtoon, the story starts immediately as the students are heading to school. OnJo even makes a point to complain about how intense going up their school stairs is, a problem that will seem like nothing in hindsight later on. 
2. NamRa’s interaction with her classmates
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon / Netflix
In the K-Drama, class president NamRa keeps to herself and doesn’t really speak to anyone until after the zombie outbreak.
In the webtoon, she is more talkative and interacts with her classmates by commenting on the conversations they’re having. For example, when NaYeon points out that the science teacher has a strange smell coming from him (in the webtoon she doesn’t specifically say it’s the smell of a rotting corpse) and GyeongSu agrees with her, NamRa says not to be too mean about it because there’s probably a reason why.
3. The rumor about the science teacher
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon / Netflix
In the K-Drama, when HyeonJu gets rushed to the nurse’s office, the girls in the classroom discuss a rumor that the science teacher’s son took his life instead of going missing and that to get revenge the science teacher was going after his son’s bullies and trying to kill them.
In the webtoon the rumor is different. The boys in the classroom talk about how there’s a rumor that the science teacher eats human flesh which is why his wife and son went missing.
4. The person who carried HyeonJu to the nurse’s room
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon / Netflix Screenshot
In the K-Drama, SooHyuk volunteers to carry HyeonJu to the nurse’s room by piggybacking her with the help of OnJo and ISak.
Whereas in the webtoon, their homeroom teacher makes them call the nurse to the classroom first and then is also the one who piggybacks her.
An extra detail is that their homeroom teacher asks OnJo to bring out the roller whiteboard to block the scene of carrying HyeonJu to the nurse’s room from the other classrooms. Especially because they had to pass the science teacher’s classroom on the way. This detail was skipped in the drama.
5. The symptoms before becoming a zombie
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon
In the webtoon, it seems like the symptoms are more gradual and some of them are different. Instead of one’s body temperature becoming increasingly low, one gets a fever. Another difference is in how conscious and able to communicate the students were after being infected with the virus. 
For example, in the drama, HyeonJu could only get out a few words about what happened to her before her body started thrashing and she started trying to attack everyone.
Yet, in the webtoon, in the nurse’s room, she was able to tell the full story of what happened to her from start to finish. This included details like being bitten by three hamsters (in the drama it was a single hamster) and how the science teacher pulled a blood sample from her with a syringe (in the drama he injected her with something).
6. How ISak turned into a zombie
“All of Us Are Dead” webtoon
Continuing from the previous point, turning into a zombie takes longer in the webtoon. HyeonJu only turned into a zombie after telling her story about what happened to her and then she started attacking those surrounding her bed. 
As a result, in the webtoon, ISak gets bitten a lot sooner (by HyeonJu). This is unlike the drama where OnJo is the one who got attacked but she only got a scratch and the person that HyeonJu bites is the nurse, who only discovers that she was bitten a bit later. ISak is also only bitten later by another student during the her and her classmates’ survival efforts.
The webtoon and K-Drama are similar for the most part but these are a few of the differences we have spotted. Most of them happened within the first episode meaning that the webtoon may be very different from the drama in further episodes.
Have you spotted any other differences between the drama and the webtoon for “All of Us Are Dead”? What do you think of the differences? Let us know in the comments below!
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