Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Yoon Bak Talks About Playing Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend In “Forecasting Love And Weather” : Entertainment Daily

Yoon Bak Talks About Playing Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend In “Forecasting Love And Weather” : Entertainment Daily

Yoon Bak has shared his thoughts on his upcoming drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”! “Forecasting Love and Weather” is a new JTBC romance drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Park Min Young will star as the frosty Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything by the book and is coldly fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate, while Song Kang will star as Lee Si Woo, a free spirit who is always thinking outside the box and only cares about the weather. Yoon Bak will play the role of Jin Ha Kyung’s handsome and silver-tongued ex-boyfriend Han Ki Joon, who works in the spokesperson’s office at the Korea Meteorological Administration. Because he has lived his entire life as a model student, he has a hard time dealing with failure. Expressing his excitement about the upcoming drama, Yoon Bak remarked, “I hope people will recognize the hard work of the people at the Korea Meteorological Administration, who are doing their very best.” “The Korea Meteorological Administration is a place that feels familiar and close by because it tells us the weather everyday, but it’s never been the subject of a drama before,” he continued. “You’ll be able to see how hard the people there work as they do their utmost and pour all their passion into their jobs.” Yoon Bak explained that while filming the drama, he developed a deep respect and admiration for the work done by the real-life employees of the Korea Meteorological Administration. “For the sake of just one line of information and a one-line news report, the employees fiercely butt heads and argue with one another,” he said, “and I hope that people will see and recognize through this drama just how hard they work in order to deliver even slightly more accurate information.” Although the character of Han Ki Joon appears flawless on the outside, he often gets insecure and cares too deeply about what other people think of him. He can also be a bit clumsy when it comes to interacting with others: because he is someone with strong opinions, he sometimes upsets others with his words unintentionally. Yoon Bak noted that Han Ki Joon has little in common with his own real-life personality, confessing, “It wasn’t all that easy to understand a character who is my polar opposite in terms of views, behavior, and use of language. But I was curious to see what kind of character would be formed through the union of the person Yoon Bak and the character Han Ki Joon.” The actor also spoke about Han Ki Joon’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Jin Ha Kyung, which is one of the highlights of the upcoming drama. The two co-workers dated for 10 years and were even preparing for marriage when they ultimately broke up, leaving them in a cruel and awkward position at their workplace. Explaining his approach to their interactions, Yoon Bak remarked, “I tried not to lose the essence of his words and actions while focusing on the purity and sincerity of his expressions.” “Forecasting Love and Weather” will premiere on February 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the drama’s highlight reel here! In the meantime, watch Yoon Bak in “Birthcare Center” with subtitles below: Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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