Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Lee Sang Yoon’s Play Cancelled After He Tests Positive For COVID-19 : Entertainment Daily

Lee Sang Yoon’s Play Cancelled After He Tests Positive For COVID-19 : Entertainment Daily

Lee Sang Yoon’s play “Freud’s Last Session” has cancelled its upcoming performances due to the actor testing positive for COVID-19. On January 29, Lee Sang Yoon’s agency confirmed that the actor had gone into quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The agency stated, “Lee Sang Yoon does not have any particular symptoms at the moment, and in keeping with the guidelines of health authorities, he has currently gone into quarantine.” Meanwhile, “Freud’s Last Session”—which also stars “Squid Game” actor Oh Young Soo—officially announced the cancellation of its performances scheduled for January 29 to 31. The production’s full statement is as follows: Due to actor Lee Sang Yoon, who is currently appearing in the play “Freud’s Last Session,” testing positive for COVID-19, we are canceling our performances from Saturday, January 29 to Monday, January 30. In order to ensure the safety of our performances, we will temporarily be halting performances and re-checking the health of our cast. Afterwards, we will inform you of when we will be resuming performances, as well as the cast lineup, at a later time. As this is a decision we made for the sake of everyone’s safety, we ask for your generous understanding. For ticket holders for the above performances, we will be sending you individual messages regarding the cancellation of the performances, and we will be issuing refunds in batches based on where the tickets were purchased. We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by suddenly canceling our performances, as well as for giving you cause for concern. Wishing Lee Sang Yoon a speedy recovery! Watch Lee Sang Yoon in his hit drama “One the Woman” with subtitles below: Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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