Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Kim Nam Gil And Jin Sun Kyu Must Find The Link Between New Murders In “Through The Darkness” : Entertainment Daily

Kim Nam Gil And Jin Sun Kyu Must Find The Link Between New Murders In “Through The Darkness” : Entertainment Daily

Get ready for yet another murder on the next episode of SBS’s “Through the Darkness”! Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is a new drama based on the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam Gil stars as Song Ha Young, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis team, while Jin Sun Kyu plays his friend and colleague Guk Young Soo, who originally brought him onto the team. Kim So Jin stars as Yoon Tae Goo, the team leader of the Mobile Investigation Unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Spoilers On the previous episode of “Through the Darkness,” the Criminal Behavior Analysis team realized that they were most likely dealing with three different murders by the same killer. As he analyzed these three incidents in which murder was seemingly committed for no other reason than murder itself, Song Ha Young instinctively knew, “These are serial killings.” In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Song Ha Young, Guk Young Soo, Yoon Tae Goo, Baek Joon Shik (played by Lee Dae Yeon), and Heo Gil Po (played by Kim Won Hae) all gather at the scene of a new murder. Just like the murder from Episode 5, this latest killing also takes place at a luxury residence.  Both the Criminal Behavior Analysis team and the detectives at the crime scene are visibly shaken by this latest addition to the case, and even while surrounded by a sea of reporters, they are unable to hide their shock and stress as they attempt to find the link between the different murders. The producers of the drama teased, “You could say that Episode 6 is an especially crucial episode in the overarching story of ‘Through the Darkness.’ A serial murder has taken place, and both the Criminal Behavior Analysis team and the Mobile Investigation Unit will clash even more fiercely against evil as they race to catch the culprit.” They went on to add, “The suspense will leave you breathless, and the outstanding and passionate acting of the cast will immerse viewers even more deeply in the story. Please give [the episode] lots of interest.” To find out whether the Criminal Behavior Analysis team will be able to catch the killer, tune in to the next episode of “Through the Darkness” on January 29 at 10 p.m. KST! In the meantime, catch up on previous episodes of the drama below: Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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