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WEi’s Kim DongHan Is Shaping The Future Of K-Pop With His Art & Here’s Why He Deserves More Appreciation : Entertainment Daily

WEi’s Kim DongHan Is Shaping The Future Of K-Pop With His Art & Here’s Why He Deserves More Appreciation : Entertainment Daily

If resilience, consistency, and creative wealth were to be personified, they would take the form of WEi’s Kim DongHan. Singer-songwriter, idol, performer and overall star, DongHan is one of the most hard-working and diligent artists in the industry who has time and again proven his mettle both as a boy group member as well as a soloist and much more. 
Ever since his debut DongHan has worked hard as a lyricist and composer for JBJ, his solo music as well as WEi, giving him incomparable experience in making music that moves people. His lyrics are not only wonderfully resonant but also always perfectly tailored to the genre he is working with, which ultimately creates an impressive and authentic blend that is hard to recreate. Thus, the unique final product that DongHan gives birth to truly carries the essence of his art that listeners can connect with. It is not surprising therefore that his songs dominate music charts with ease. 
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Over his career, DongHan has written the song ‘Just Be Stars’ for JBJ, ‘Call My Name (내 이름을 불러줘), ‘Good Night Kiss’, ‘Tipsy’, ‘Bebe’, ‘Focus’, ‘Make Me So Crazy’, ‘Everyday (매일매일)’ and ‘Idea’, for his own solo music and ‘Hug You (안고 싶어)’ and ‘All Or Nothing (모 아님 도)’ for his current group WEi. In addition, he has also written and composed his song ‘Born’. It is clear as day, therefore, that Kim DongHan is an ace. 

At the moment, Kim DongHan is competing in the reality show “Double Trouble” as a representative of the Korean music industry to create the ultimate musical duo. Throughout his stint on the show so far, DongHan has exhibited a level of professionalism that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Having solid experience both as a soloist and an idol group member, DongHan knows exactly how to command the stage as well as effectively share it with his partner.

With the nature of the show being competitive, viewers get to see a new side of DongHan that is both extremely seasoned and intense but also creatively inspiring, original, and genuine at the same time. This is Kim DongHan at his best and yet, he keeps outdoing himself with each episode. Needless to say, he is a master of his art. 
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