Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

VIVIZ’s Umji Tests Positive For COVID-19 : Entertainment Daily

VIVIZ’s Umji Tests Positive For COVID-19 : Entertainment Daily

On January 28, the girl group’s agency Big Planet Made released the following statement:Hello, this is Big Planet Made. We are informing you that our artist Umji was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 28. Umji had completed two doses of her COVID-19 vaccine, but one of the staff members was a close contact [of a COVID-19 patient], so she underwent PCR testing, and on January 28, she was confirmed to have the virus. Currently, Umji is only showing minor symptoms, and she will be treated in isolation. In addition, the other two VIVIZ members received negative results, but due to [the virus’s] incubation period, we will continuously conduct PCR tests to check their health status. All the involved staff will also continuously undergo PCR testing, and we will do our best for prevention by following the necessary measures according to the requests and guidelines of the quarantine authorities. We apologize for causing concern, and we will put the health and safety of our artist as top priority so that she will recover quickly.

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