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“Two Universes” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

“Two Universes” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

“Two Universes” is a romance drama about what happens when Kim Byul receives a fortune that her future husband’s name will be WooJoo (우주) (Korean word for Universe) and the dilemma she faces when two “Universes” (two men named WooJoo) appear at the same time.
The leads in the drama are Lee SooMin, SF9’s InSeong, Ryu EuiHyun, and Dal Shabet’s Bae WooHee. 
Lee SooMin has appeared in the dramas “Pumpkin Time”, “Work Later, Drink Now”, “The King’s Affection”, “Hanging On”, and “Abyss.”
SF9’s InSeong has acted in the dramas “DokGoBin Is Updating”, “Was It Love?”, “20th Century Boy And Girl”, and “Click Your Heart.”
Actor Ryu EuiHyun has appeared in the dramas “A-Teen 2”, “Adult Trainee”, “River Where The Moon Rises”, “Can You Deliver Time?”, “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” and “Twenty Twenty.”
Finally, Dal Shabet’s Bae WooHee has acted in the dramas “A Business Proposal”, “Don’t Swallow It Today, Too”, “Youth Again”, and “Times.” 
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Two Universes (2022)
Title: Two Universes / Du Myeongui Uju / 두 명의 우주 
Director: –
Writer: –
Network: NaverTV cast, YouTube, V-Live
Runtime: From 2022
# of Episodes: 10
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: Korean
“Two Universes” follows the story of Kim Byul who receives a fortune that she will marry a man named WooJoo. However, when two different men appear who are both named WooJoo she will have to find out which one is fated to be her husband.
Lee SooMin as Kim Byul
Kim Byul is a fatalist who is devoted to believing in destiny. She is told by a fortune teller that her future husband’s name will be “WooJoo.” She meets two men named WooJoo and must determine who she believes to be the “WooJoo” who is fated to be her future husband. 
SF9’s InSeong as Shin WooJoo
Shin WooJoo is a genius hair designer. He is cool-headed and possesses a tsundere charm. He will go against another man named WooJoo to try and win Kim Byul’s heart.
Ryu EuiHyun as Baek WooJoo
Baek WooJoo is a top model. He is straightforward and honest about his feelings. He will have to compete for Kim Byul’s heart with another man named WooJoo. 
Dal Shabet’s Bae WooHee as Seo RoHee
Seo RoHee is a stylist and Baek WooJoo’s ex-girlfriend. She gets tangled up in her feelings for Baek WooJoo.
Teaser & Posters
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