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Kpopmap Mood Playlist: 5 K-Pop Songs To Make You Feel Like A Villain : Entertainment Daily

Kpopmap Mood Playlist: 5 K-Pop Songs To Make You Feel Like A Villain : Entertainment Daily

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Welcome to the twelfth article of Kpopmap’s brand new weekly series: Kpopmap Mood Playlist! In this series, with articles released every Friday, we create a playlist of some unique songs across various genres such as K-Pop, K-Rock/Indie/Hip-Hop/R&B, ballads, city pop, and more, perfectly curated for a very specific mood. Through this series, we want to introduce you to artists and genres as well as give you the perfect collection of songs to jam out to, regardless of how particular your mood is. Don’t forget to tell us what your mood is like in the comments down below for a Mood Playlist, just for you!
Today’s playlist is all about being the hot villain of a movie who is morally ambiguous but you can’t help falling for them anyway. Here are 5 K-Pop songs to make you feel like a villain!

GD & T.O.P’s iconic track ‘Zutter’ is the perfect background score for a chaotic villain who most definitely thinks that the world revolves around them. Start off your playlist with this burst of uncontrollable energy to get you in your villainous groove.
2. DRIPPIN – ‘Villain’

If you want to feel like a villain but with a cause, DRIPPIN’s edgy bass-driven ‘Villain’ will have you on your feet, ready to go in seconds. The charismatic chorus makes for a powerful yet adorable villain score nonetheless. 
3. BTS – ‘Lie’

JiMin’s solo song ‘Lie’ is the perfect song to listen to while you look out the window in your villain robe, left to your own devices. Regal, free, and devilish: that is exactly what this song makes one feel.

Kim YoHan knew exactly what he was doing when he made ‘Dessert’ because it certainly makes one feel like a delectable evil mastermind. Neither will this song get out of your head nor will your villain fantasies.

Finally, there couldn’t be a better or more fitting song to close out this playlist than TaeMin’s ‘Want’. While TaeMin could easily dominate this entire playlist with his discography, ‘Want’ in particular has the sensual pizzazz that we associate with attractive super villains. Needless to say, this song is incomparably perfect for this playlist.
Expand the playlist by adding your own favourite songs in the comments down below! Don’t forget to let us know what ‘Mood’ you’d like us to make a playlist for next!

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