Monday, March 20th, 2023

Kim Nam Gil Worries About A New Murder In “Through the Darkness” : Entertainment Daily

Kim Nam Gil Worries About A New Murder In “Through the Darkness” : Entertainment Daily

New stills from “Through the Darkness” have been released ahead of tonight’s new episode! Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is based on the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam Gil plays Song Ha Young, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis team, while Jin Sun Kyu stars as his friend and colleague Guk Young Soo, who originally brought him onto the team. The released stils suggest another murder has occurred, prompting curiosity for the upcoming fifth episode. The picture shows Song Ha Young in what appears to be the living room of a luxurious house. His sharp eyes and facial expression show the intensity of the situation. Song Ha Young is known to be a stoic character, rarely showing any emotion. But the concern on his face hints to the fact that the situation may be unusual. Ahead of tonight’s episode, the production team said, “In the fifth episode, another murder occurs. It’s a murder more shocking than before, and the need for the Criminal Behavior Analysis team and profiling will feel strong. Kim Nam Gil performed his best with his meticulous character analysis and high concentration. Please look forward to it and be interested.” The fifth episode of “Through the Darkness” will air tonight at 10 p.m. KST. Catch up on previous episodes while waiting! Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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