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Idol vs. Model: THE BOYZ’s HyunJae Can Pull Off Any Styling With His Handsome Looks : Entertainment Daily

Idol vs. Model: THE BOYZ’s HyunJae Can Pull Off Any Styling With His Handsome Looks : Entertainment Daily

Welcome to the twenty-first article of Kpopmap’s weekly series “Idol vs. Model”!
This series will explore some of the idols who have so much modeling potential that people who see them for the first time might confuse them with models instead of K-Pop idols. 
EXO’s Kai opened the series for us, followed by SF9’s Yoo TaeYang, CIX’s Bae JinYoung, ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo, Weki Meki’s Kim DoYeon, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, BTS’s V, NCT’s JaeHyun, MONSTA X’s HyungWon, EXO’s SeHun, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, Red Velvet’s Joy, SunMi, HyunA, SF9’s RoWoon, SF9’s ZuHo, SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu, Apink’s Son NaEun, GOT7’s Mark Tuan, and SEVENTEEN’s Jun. Readers voted for THE BOYZ’s HyunJae in our weekly poll (at the end of the article) to be featured this week. 
HyunJae is famous as a part of the impactful boy group THE BOYZ. He is known for not only being incredibly talented as a lead vocalist and lead dancer but being extremely handsome as well. 
First, let’s take a moment to appreciate his facial proportions.
IST Entertainment
Honestly, HyunJae’s facial proportions speak for themselves and they are saying that there is no question about how good-looking he is.
HyunJae also has a fit body that he shows off through his fashion choices. Be it showing his toned abs in a crop top…
IST Entertainment
… or showing off hints of his buff arms and wide shoulders through sleeveless or slightly open tops. 
IST Entertainment
HyunJae would make the perfect cover model for Men’s Health.
Another of HyunJae’s strong points when it comes to modeling is his ability to pull off a wide range of styling. He can model any product and pull off any look that stylists may try on him. Be it out-of-place hair, drawn-on moles, a mullet, nail polish, or even dangling earrings, HyunJae can model it all.
DAZED / IST Entertainment IST Entertainment ELLE
If you knew nothing about K-Pop or THE BOYZ, HyunJae would definitely seem like a model at first glance. Do you agree?
Are there any idols that you would like to see in this series? If so, leave a comment down below and we will cover them later in the series.

Who would you like to see in the next “Idol vs. Model” article?
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Important notice: the vote only decides who will be covered in the next article. Everyone in the poll will be covered in the series eventually. Suggestions will also be gradually added each week.
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