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7 Moments That Prove Golden Child’s JangJun Is A Comedic Genius : Entertainment Daily

7 Moments That Prove Golden Child’s JangJun Is A Comedic Genius : Entertainment Daily

Golden Child’s JangJun is undoubtedly one of the funniest and liveliest K-Pop idols right now. He’s so funny he could be a successful comedian if he weren’t an idol. His charming and bright personality is like a light bulb that switches on in a dark room, spreading love and laughter everywhere he goes. A variety show favorite, he has appeared in countless numbers of variety shows throughout his career, often being the main attention due to his comedic quips, funny facial expressions, and gags.
While there are so many instances where JangJun has been comedy gold, here are some of our favorite moments that capture his true genius.
1. “Weekly Idol” Ep.536

Alongside JooChan, ASTRO’s MoonBin and SanHa, and WEi’s Kim DongHan and Kim YoHan, JangJun appeared on this episode of “Weekly Idol” and from the start to the finish, he delivered rib cracking moments. He was so extra in the loudest and funniest ways that even the other idols couldn’t help but just relax and be entertained by him. 
2. Kakao’s “SSAP POSSIBLE”

Whoever decided to give JangJun and AB6IX’s Woong a variety show knew exactly what they were doing. They have amazing chemistry and feed off each other’s thoughts so very well. Their banter is always hilarious. Everything JangJun does is so funny, even when he is not really trying to be funny. His timing and reactions are always perfect. In this episode, they had to protect their golden eggs put in a pouch attached to their hoodies, while doing crazy stunts. They both delivered pure comedic moments that served for a very entertaining episode.

Who else can match former Lovelyz member MiJoo’s funny wit and banter? Golden Child’s JangJun that’s who. Both know for being expressively funny, their interactions in this episode of MiJoo’s variety web series, was nothing short of hilarious and comedy gold. From the second they meet, pure chaos ensues and you immediately get the sense that this will be a funny episode. Once again, JangJun’s outgoing and bright personality take over so much that even at one point, MiJoo couldn’t handle him anymore.
4. “Dingo’s JangStar” Ep.5

JangStar came out to play and everyone was surely entertained. He took his sharp wits and charisma to the streets in this episode of “JangStar” as he tried to find out if people knew who he was. He pulls off funny stunts, from singing, to dancing and making weird gestures, as he tried to get people to notice him. He even goes up to strangers (fans) asking them if they knew Golden Child and if they were his fans. When they acknowledge, he makes them write comments about him, which he also reads out loud to their excitement and glee. His interactions with them were so funny, lovely, and adorable and it shows off how easily he makes people feel comfortable around him.
5.”GOL-CHA3″ Ep.11

In this Halloween episode of the group’s web series “GOL-CHA3”, the members were made to play the “Liar Game” where the members try to find out who amongst them is the liar (the member with the wrong keyword). JangJun starts off by teasing JooChan which presented the perfect opening for this episode. According to the members, JangJun is good at everything but games. However, what he lacks in games, he vibrantly makes up for with his funny wits and hilarious expressions. His out-of-the-box answers always led to an eruption of laughter amongst the other members, as they wonder if he truly understands the game.
6. “Idol Ability Market”

This Seezn original game show where coins will be given to the members who showcase their skills and also, for every coin, they get ten seconds to promote their new song at the end of the show. JangJun showed off his athleticism as well as his comedic nature in this video. Asides from the purely chaotic energy radiating from the other members, his facial expressions and quick-witted responses were the perfect reasons that made this video even more entertaining to watch.
7. Idol League’s “Mafia Game”

Golden Child playing any edition of the “Mafia Game” is always an entertaining experience. In these episodes of Idol League, they exceeded all forms of expectations. JangJun once again starts off this video with his incredibly funny comments that make the host break out of character as they couldn’t hold back their laughter. As the main game starts, JangJun continues with his funny and witty comments that excite the rest of the members. His hyper personality always makes every single thing he says or does funny and entertaining. 
Are you a fan of Golden Child and JangJun? Comment down below some of your funny moments by the idol. 

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