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5 K-Pop Idols You Would Not Believe Are The Maknaes Of Their Groups : Entertainment Daily

5 K-Pop Idols You Would Not Believe Are The Maknaes Of Their Groups : Entertainment Daily

KQ Entertainment / STARSHIP Entertainment / Woollim Entertainment
Maknaes are usually the youngest in the group, often presenting a very cute-like boyish personality that creates an “awww” moment amongst fans and their hyungs. It is sometimes very easy to spot the maknaes in the group, he’s usually the brightest one, the one playing the pranks, he’s often loud and funny, the other members are always taking care of him. But sometimes, it is hard and if you don’t know about the group, you might not be able to guess who the maknae truly is.
If you are new to K-Pop, here are some of the idols you probably didn’t know are the maknaes of their groups.

STARSHIP Entertainment
If you’re new to MONSTA X and are currently watching their contents, you’d probably think JooHoney was the youngest in the group due to his bright and cheerful personality. But in reality, it is I.M. His reserved personality often makes him come across as older and more mature but there are instances where he shows off his adorable side that thrills the other members and fans. His adorably loud laugh, his awkwardly shy aegyo, things like these are usually clear giveaways that he is the maknae of the group.

KQ Entertainment
He has a very silent, serene, and relaxed personality and he’s sometimes not as outgoing as the rest of the members. Traits that at first glance, would not make you think that he is the youngest in the group. But sometimes, his cheerful and bright nature pops up, especially when he is in the midst of fans or his members who are constantly doting on him and trying to take care of him.

FNC Entertainment
Even his other members do not know what is going on in his brilliant brain. He has a quiet and chill character that is oftentimes in contrast with other members. Always calm and collected, he exudes a commanding aura that is so intriguing and captivating.

He is tall and commands a presence similar to the heir to a conglomerate, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the editor-in-chief of a high-end fashion magazine. His poise and aura during events and interviews often make people think he is part of the Hyung line of EXO. However, when he is with the other members, especially leader SuHo, his boyish character comes shining through so visibly it is quite adorable. Their interactions with him are always full of love, bringing out the softer side that many probably don’t regularly see.

Woollim Entertainment
The “maknae on top”. The actor, mc, and singer always presents a sense of control, maturity, and poise whenever he is in the public. His sharp and outstanding visuals complemented with his cool haunting gaze that feels like a spear passes through your heart every time he ever so slightly looks in your direction adds to his appeal. In his interview with Star1 about being called “maknae on top”, he said, “I think I got that nickname because I’m not the type to act like a child. I’m the eldest son in my family, so I’m more mature compared to my age.”

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