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10 Times ATEEZ’s WooYoung Made Us Weak With His Powerful Dancing : Entertainment Daily

10 Times ATEEZ’s WooYoung Made Us Weak With His Powerful Dancing : Entertainment Daily

ATEEZ’s WooYoung has an amazing ability to make you feel like you’re having the best of the time with his humor and how he holds conversations that you never want to end. But he also has a stunning power of making you weak in the knees when he takes a stage or does a performance. His sultry but cool aura takes hold of you and you can not take your eyes off him. An alumnus of the prestigious Hanlim Multi Arts School, WooYoung always makes sure to make every performance the best. 
So in no particular order, we’re picking 10 times the dancing ace made ATINY fall for him with his mesmerizing performances 
1. ‘Bad’ – Christopher (Studio Choom’s AOTM)

Showing his dancing abilities to the fullest, WooYoung gave an unforgettable performance when he was featured as Studio Choom’s June Artist of the Month, doing choreography on ‘Bad’ by Christopher. He incorporated the new style of choreography (formerly known as ‘urban dance’ ) to give a smooth performance oozing restrained sensuality. One cannot get enough of this performance and we’re okay with that!
2. ‘Say My Name’ 

WooYoung was fresh with that rookie energy in ‘Say My Name’. The choreography has some strong Hip-Hop grooves and that being his favorite is very much visible. Confident and bold, he conveyed that they are here to conquer.
3. ‘I’m The One’ 

WooYoung’s agility is through the roof in ‘I’m The One’ as he takes the center in the post-chorus. The choreography is so energetic and WooYoung’s consistency throughout the dance is amazing. 
4. ‘Wolf’-  MAYFLY Dance Unit (“KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”)

Bringing out the wolf spirit, WooYoung was flawless with this aggressive performance on “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”. His impressive core strength was at a full display with his meticulous body control and fluid moves.
5. ‘Inception’ 

An entrancing song and an equally ethereal WooYoung. The song stirs different emotions and these are heightened as WooYoung beautifully takes it on with his elegant and passionate moves.
6. ‘Deja Vu’

‘Deja Vu’ brings out the sexy, dark concept that WooYoung fits in like a glove. He performs the sleek and intricate choreography with sultry ease and you just cannot take your eyes off him

WooYoung’s cheekiness and swag were at peak with ‘THANXX’. The overall vibe of the song was pretty much savage and WooYoung owned it. Appreciation is also in for the stylists because WooYoung rocked that bandana look.

‘HALA HALA’ is an eerily powerful song and the choreography is no short of a masterpiece. The energy, the soul, and the technique required are very hard and WooYoung made it seem so smooth. ATINY can agree without a doubt that this era gave some amazing ATEEZ fancams to savor.
9. ‘Illusion’

‘Illusion’ sees WooYoung in cute and playful energy. Balancing the cool and crisp moves, one will have a smile throughout watching WooYoung enjoy ‘Illusion’ and also a sudden need for a cute onstage WooYoung comeback.
10. ‘Answer’

The powerful anthemic ‘Answer’ elevates you to a different zone. WooYoung’s expressions are stupefying in this one and his stage presence is overwhelmingly good.
Which one is your favorite WooYoung dance moment? Let us know in the comment below!

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