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Top 5 Actors Who Stole Kpopmap Readers’ Hearts In Hanbok (Vote Results) : Entertainment Daily

Top 5 Actors Who Stole Kpopmap Readers’ Hearts In Hanbok (Vote Results) : Entertainment Daily

Historical K-Dramas are one of the favorite genres of many fans as they get to see some of their favorite actors and acting-dols look extremely charming in Hanbok.
On the 28th of December, 2021, we held a poll asking viewers to pick the actor who looked the best in Hanbok while acting in a 2021 historical drama. You actively participated in this poll, voting for your favorite actors. We thank you for your active participation. Here are the results based on the data retrieved on January 26, 2021.

SF9’s RoWoon took first place with a total number of 68,414 votes, raking in 41.4% of the votes. He was exceptionally charming in Hanbok as he thrilled fans and viewers with his striking visuals and incredible acting skills in the historical drama “The King’s Affection”.

TaecYeon proved once again that he looks amazing in everything he wears. With his amazing physique and captivating presence, the acting-dol took second place with a total number of 55,620 votes taking in 33.4% of the total votes.

Like TaecYeon, JunHo is another acting-dol who wows fans with his captivating visuals and incredible acting skills. Fans were expressively pleased with his role in “The Red Sleeve”. He took home a total number of 21,276 votes, garnering 12.8% of the total votes.

Na InWoo’s character in the hit KBS drama “River Where The Moon Rises” was a fan favorite. His charms were in full glare in Hanbok often receiving praises from viewers on how handsome he looked in the traditional outfit. He placed 4th on the list getting a total number of 12,022 votes, which totaled 7.2% of the votes on the poll.

Funny and absolutely charming, Yoo SeungHo keeps entertaining fans and viewers in the ongoing drama “Moonshine”. He got a total number of 5,274 votes, raking in 3.2% of the total votes on the poll.
You can still vote for your favorite actor in Hanbok, however, this will be the final ranking from the poll.

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