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Proof That Woo DoHwan Perfectly Suits His Character For Webtoon-Based K-Drama “Bloodhound” : Entertainment Daily

Proof That Woo DoHwan Perfectly Suits His Character For Webtoon-Based K-Drama “Bloodhound” : Entertainment Daily

“Bloodhound” webtoon / ELLE
The upcoming Netflix webtoon-based K-Drama “Bloodhound” (also known as “Hunting Dogs”) is currently being filmed. Woo DoHwan recently posted Instagram photos of the coffee truck that his former co-star Kim MinJae sent him.
Woo DoHwan’s Instagram
This post got fans excited not only for the interaction between the duo from the K-Drama “Tempted” but also because it meant that fans would get to meet Woo DoHwan’s new character soon! It is his first role since being discharged from the military!
Woo DoHwan will be playing the role of Geon Woo alongside his co-stars Lee SangYi, Kim SaeRon, Park SungWoong, Heo JoonHo, and more. 
The drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same name by JungChan. It tells the story of three people who get entangled with each other due to debt and try to get out of it. 
Let’s learn more about Woo DoHwan’s role and the webtoon “Bloodhound”! Meet the trio who are the protagonists of our story aka the ‘hunting dogs’.
From left to right: Kim HyunJoo, Choi WooJin, and Kim GeonWoo (“Bloodhound” webtoon)
GeonWoo is a high school student who discovered his family’s difficult situation one day and finds out how to deal with it after meeting Choi WooJin. He will do anything to get money to help out his mother.
“Bloodhound” webtoon
In the above picture, after a congressman asks the hunting dogs to receive dirty money on his behalf, GeonWoo says that getting that kind of money is the right job for hunting dogs.
His character in “Bloodhound” deals with the dark subject matter and unpretty side of society.
“Bloodhound” webtoon
Not only does Woo DoHwan suit the visuals of his webtoon character very well (and very handsomely)…
“Bloodhound” webtoon / Woo DoHwan’s Instagram
… but he can also undoubtedly nail the attitude of his character. We’ve seen Woo DoHwan in roles where he is a little arrogant (“Tempted”) like in the picture below where he asks his mother for his monthly allowance (not knowing her situation or minding his manners).
“Bloodhound” webtoon / KEY EAST Entertainment
We’ve also seen Woo DoHwan act as a protector in “The King: Eternal Monarch”. 
His role in “Bloodhound” would be a good combination of the two. Woo DoHwan’s character is bound to go through a lot of growth to help his family whilst literally fighting for them.
It’s safe to say that we can anticipate Woo DoHwan’s action-packed, tough, protective, and empathetic acting in this upcoming drama.
“Bloodhound” webtoon
What do you think of Woo DoHwan’s character GeonWoo? Are you looking forward to “Bloodhound”? Let us know in the comments.

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