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Kpopmap Fan Interview: An Indian AROHA Talks About Her Favorite Group ASTRO : Entertainment Daily

Kpopmap Fan Interview: An Indian AROHA Talks About Her Favorite Group ASTRO : Entertainment Daily

Are you also curious about fellow K-Pop fans?! Let’s hear their stories and interests in Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.
There are K-Pop fans across the globe who share the same passion. But on online platforms, it is hard to know about each other’ stories and K-Pop life. Even if we are in the same fandom, it is hard to get to know each other.
So at Kpopmap, we started the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project to get to know more about K-Pop fans from different countries: more about their K-Pop life and tastes and to give them the opportunity to share with our readers about their favorite group(s) and bias.
Sahasra is the next fan to answer our questions. She is from India and is a fan of ASTRO! Check out how she entered the fandom, the songs and content she advises to new fans, and much more! 
Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?
Hi, I am Sahasra from Andhra of India. I am a simple college girl who loves to watch K-Drama and stans K-Pop band named ASTRO.
How and when did you enter the fandom?
I’m a huge fan of K-Dramas and also a girl who is not more into music so, I have never turned to the side of K-Pop though I know it exists and relatable to K-Dramas. In 2017 I discovered ASTRO through a drama “The Best Hit” through Cha EunWoo who played a supporting role. I liked him and wanted to know more about him. I searched and came to know he is from a band known as ASTRO. I listened their songs watched their videos i-Teen – top series and DDOCA’s and fell in love without my knowing.
ASTRO Official
What are the reasons why you love your favorite group?
Ethereal visuals for sure but they are so talented and mature and also hard working. They say our support is always what they want. The way they adore us makes me feel as a proud AROHA.
Who caught your attention first and why?
Cha EunWoo caught my attention first as I said I am a huge fan of K-Dramas. Ohhhh!!! Thinking about it reminds me of teen Cha Nunu.
Who is your bias and why?
I may be started with Cha EunWoo but now I am a complete OT6 and my main principle is to love the six equally or not to love. And the reason I don’t know actually cuzz I fall for them at every second.
Can you recommend a title track and a B-side track for new fans?
The title track ‘ONE’ and songs of “ALL YOURS” is my all time favorite cuz the lyrics are like honey to my ears and tunes are very catchy. I also love the B-side track called ‘Footprint’ they filmed with the ASTRO PLAYs and DDOCAs which I love the most


Can you recommend a fancam, V-Live, cover video, cover dance, or individual content video of your bias to our readers?
I love most of them but Rocky’s ‘Ice Flower’ dance choreo is my all time favorite.

Can you also do the same type of recommendation for the group?
I recommend watching their group lives and ASTRO PLAYs to know their trueselves and enjoy also restore their memories.
ASTRO Official
Can you share with us one of your favorite lyrics?
“Even on that day when I lose my white light, you always have my back kick away the darkness like a bright star.” From ‘Dear My Universe’ which represents AROHA have unique lyrics and the love they shower is my all time favorite.

What’s your bias influence in your daily life?
When I feel low I watch their lives or DDOCAs which makes me instantly laugh and JinJin’s moral videos are the best to hype up your bad mood.
ASTRO Official
What is your favorite side of fangirling/fanboying?
I like it when my friends say ASTRO referring to me and saying as “YOUR ASTRO”. I think that’s the true meaning of my life. And when I see them on stage I feel so excited and get goosebumps then I automatically start the fanchant
ASTRO Official
Do you feel there are any misunderstandings, things that are not well known, or any prejudices about your favorite group from other fans (non-fans)?
Some feel like every one aren’t getting equal chances but ASTRO is a peaceful group and every one get equal chances to entertain AROHA.
You can also add a message to your bias or show it in a message scrapbook.
Dear ASTRO,  Thanks for being part of my life, And being the best comfort zone to AROHA. Your hardwork never fails and we are always with you. You are my sunshine and moonlight who brightens my whole life. Never disappoint or dissatisfy cuzz you are the best version of yours. You have our whole support and love through out our lives, Love you to moon and back.
Thank you for answering our questions, Sahasra.
Note: Kpopmap Fan Interview includes some of the interviewed fan’s favorite pictures. 
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