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“Chilling Cohabitation” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

“Chilling Cohabitation” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

YG Entertainment / IOK Entertainment
“Chilling Cohabitation” is a horror-comedy drama about a girl who has the ability to see ghosts and her run-in with one selfish Chaebol ghost. 
The leads in the drama are former GFriend member Kim SoJeong (SoWon) and iKON’s Chan (Jung ChanWoo).
Kim SoJeong will be making her acting debut in this web drama. 
iKON’s Chan will be coming back to the small screen after many years, as he debuted as a child actor. iKONic are looking forward to seeing the youngest iKON member shine onscreen. 
The drama will be released as a film first followed by the web drama in the first half of 2022.
Here is more information. 
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Chilling Cohabitation (2022)
Gyeongsang Ilbo News
Title: Chilling Cohabitation / Ossakhan Donggeo / 오싹한 동거
Director: –
Writer: –
Network: CINE-RAMA
Runtime: From 2022
# of Episodes: –
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance
Language: Korean
“Chilling Cohabitation” is a horror romantic comedy-drama about what happens when SeRi, who can see ghosts, and JiChan, who turns into a ghost, accidentally start living together. The two change as they slowly open their hearts to each other.
IOK Entertainment
Kim SoJeong as Jeong SeRi
Jeong SeRi is a student and works part-time at a cafe. She has the ability to see ghosts due to a special incident. SeRi is a person who lives a difficult life, but she does not lose her optimism and remains positive.
YG Entertainment
iKON’s Chan as Song JiChan
Song JiChan is a second-generation Chaebol who suddenly becomes a ghost due to an accident. He slowly starts to change when he meets Jeong SeRi as a ghost.
Teaser & Posters
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