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4 Reasons You Need To Stan K-Pop Super Rookies MIRAE : Entertainment Daily

4 Reasons You Need To Stan K-Pop Super Rookies MIRAE : Entertainment Daily

MIRAE is a rookie group rapidly gaining fans due to their not-so rookie-like talents and creativity. Like the meaning of their name, the rookie group seems to have what it takes to be the future leaders of K-Pop. From their visuals to their explosive stage performances, their insanely fast-paced choreography, refined vocals, and vibrant rap lines, their diverse musical concepts, and genres, MIRAE definitely possesses all the qualities that perfectly suit the meaning of their name and their goal, “The Future”. Having made their official debut on March 17, 2021, with barely a year in, MIRAE is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after K-Pop idol groups right now. 
Not yet a fan, here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to this group.
1. Impressive Discography and Records
MIRAE since their debut has been thrilling fans with their EP’s filled with no skip tracks. A diverse style of music that is sure to suit the taste of music lovers, they masterfully play with various concepts and genres, giving listeners a variety of sounds that are just as equally pleasing as the next one.

Their talents are clearly not going unnoticed as the title track of their debut EP ‘Killa’ has over 15 million views on YouTube and over 1 million streams on Spotify. They also gained the nickname “2021 super rookies” after selling over 26,000 copies of their debut EP ‘Killa’ within its first week of release.

‘Splash’ the lead single off their second EP “Splash” has over 20 million views on YouTube and 525,514 streams on Spotify. In its first week of release, the EP also sold over 46,000 copies. Records like these are beyond outstanding especially for a group that debuted in 2021. Their latest EP ‘Marvelous’ with the same-named title track is gaining airwaves online with many netizens complimenting how good they are, as others often ponder “are they really rookies?”. 

The masterpiece that is their title track ‘Marvelous’ already has 18 million views on YouTube barely 2 weeks after its release. It also had over 47,000 sales in its first week of release. This steady and consistent growth shows the keen interest of the public in this new K-Pop group who are set to lead the future generation of K-Pop idols. 
2. Their music video concepts
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Like their music, their concepts are always different and unique. From the sets to the props and their stylish outfits, they always present a concept that is so fascinating, entertaining, and captivating. Their creativity and ideas are clearly diverse as they seamlessly fit into any style. From the cute and playful cherry pop concept of ‘Marvelous’ to the dark and haunting concept of ‘Killa’ or literally dancing in what is portrayed as a glass box beneath the ocean in ‘Splash’, with each music video, they display distinct storylines which are complemented by their stunning visuals and jaw-dropping choreography.
3. Stage Performances

MIRAE clearly has members who are soon to be vocal and rap powerhouses in K-Pop but when it comes to stage performances, they are already exceeding expectations. Every element of the group falls perfectly in place when they are on stage and renders a very powerful and awe-inspiring stage. From their captivating visuals, intriguing facial expressions that make you raise your eyebrows in curiosity, their vocals, strong rap verses, and intensely fast-paced choreography that makes you wonder how they can keep up. Watching a MIRAE stage performance is definitely an exhilarating experience that you cannot miss out on.
4. Their charming personalities
Each member of MIRAE has his own unique trait and personality that is just as equally charming as the next member’s. They’re funny, cute, adorable, and sometimes evil pranksters but one thing is for certain, with the members, you’re definitely bound to have a great time. Check out some of our favorite variety show contents of the group below.

 Do you want to be a NOW (Mirae fandom name)? Click here to follow the group on Instagram and also comment down below some of your favorite songs by them. Also, check out our exclusive interview with the idol group in the related post section below. 

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