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“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A’s Company Responds To Allegations That Her Father Owns A Brothel And More : Entertainment Daily

“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A’s Company Responds To Allegations That Her Father Owns A Brothel And More : Entertainment Daily

Beauty creator and influencer Song Ji A blew up quickly with her appearance in Netflix’s Single’s Inferno. However, just as quickly as her star rose, it also plummeted overnight. Song Ji A admitted to having used fake luxury products and eventually privated all her YouTube videos and Instagram posts. Through an apology video, she acknowledged her faults. However, the public was not quelled.
A video on YouTube went viral after a famous reporter claimed to know Song Ji A’s father’s true job. He claimed that netizens had previously speculated that her father is a dentist but Song Ji A had never denied the rumors as it was beneficial to her rich girl image. The reporter then declined to name her father’s real job to give Song Ji A a chance to come clean.

But things went south when another YouTuber, Sojang, decided to expose more allegations about Song Ji A. Netizens had been buzzing that Song Ji A’s father had worked as a waiter for a brothel, then moved up the ladder to become the CEO of a large scale brothel in Busan. Largely called “room salon” in Korea, these room salons operate like high scale brothels. Girls are called into a private room and the men are able to have their pick. After some drinks at the room salon, they move to a nearby venue to engage in intimate acts.
Sojang gathered some intel from netizens that claimed that some brothel girls had recognized Song Ji A’s father when she had uploaded his photograph on her social media.

What do you mean dentist… Previously, a photo of her dad came up on an internet community and some of the brothel ladies recognized him. He is someone that manages the ladies in a room salon in Busan. I didn’t want to expose her here but her shinyeos (derogatory term for fans) were acting up calling her a golden spoon and I hated to see that so I’m saying it.
— Comment from Sojang’s video
The highest liked comment on the video also continued to make more allegations against her father. The comment was pinned by Sojang.

Song Hyun Ji’s (Song Ji A’s real name) father is the CEO of Haeundae The Grand Room Salon. He used to the the CEO of Sinsegye Room Salon at Seomyeon station but he sold it to his acquaintance and now owns one at Haeundae.
— Comment from Sojang’s video

The video also further noted that she had waited until January 24, 2022 to private her videos. This came after the YouTube monthly payout according to Sojang. Netizens were quick to note that it took her 8 days to take down her videos and accused her of waiting for the salary.

Regarding both accusations, Song Ji A’s agency was contacted by OSEN. They simply made the short statement, “we have nothing to tell you.”
Song Ji A has also not personally spoken out. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.

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