Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Nam Yoon Su Talks About Modeling, The Difficulty Of Acting, And Growing Up : Entertainment Daily

Nam Yoon Su Talks About Modeling, The Difficulty Of Acting, And Growing Up : Entertainment Daily

In a recent interview with Allure Korea, Nam Yoon Su opened up about his modeling days, his experience with acting, and growing up. Nam Yoon Su mentioned how he misses the days he used to model, saying, “Recently, memories from my modeling days have been coming to my mind a lot. I want to be ‘actor Nam Yoon Su’ when acting, be natural in variety shows, and show ‘model Nam Yoon Su’ in photo shoots.” When asked about how acting and modeling have affected him, he explained how they built his confidence. “Nowadays, I have this confidence that I can do anything. I was sort of scared when I first started off as a model as well as when I started acting. Everyone is like that when encountering something new. But as I adjusted to it, I became more confident, causing me to just jump in to challenges. Whether it is an acting project or a photo shoot, I want to challenge myself to try new and different things.” When asked about his work with dramas including “Extracurricular,” “Birthcare Center,” “Beyond Evil,” and most recently, “The King’s Affection,” he elaborated about his experience. “Each production was really hard. It’s a job that doesn’t get easier and that I can’t get used to. I think future productions will be harder than the productions I’ve already done. I think that’s what it’s like to experience and express someone that is not me. It is a heavy weight to endure.” When asked about whether he feels like an adult, Nam Yoon Su expressed his feelings about what it’s been like to grow up. He said with laughter, “It’s sort of awful right now. My looks and way of thinking have changed. It is kind of cringey to say that I am a mature adult, but I am an adult. I have become more manly also.” When pressed further about why being an adult is awful, he added, “Isn’t there probably someone that thinks that way? If people who remember my youth see me now, they might think it’s an awful sight. I think I keep changing as a person.” Nam Yoon Su’s full interview and photo shoot will be available in the February edition of Allure Korea! Check out Nam Yoon Su in “Beyond Evil” Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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