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Kpopmap Romantic Pick: Lee DongWook And Won JinA Defy All Odds To Be Together In “Happy New Year” : Entertainment Daily

Kpopmap Romantic Pick: Lee DongWook And Won JinA Defy All Odds To Be Together In “Happy New Year” : Entertainment Daily

Welcome to our sweetest Editor’s Choice Kpopmap series: the Romantic Pick! In this biweekly series with articles released on Wednesdays, we pick the most heart-fluttering, impactful, and aww-worthy scene from ongoing K-Dramas and/or movies and analyze it from start to end. 
This week, the scene we have for your consideration is one from the blockbuster year-end movie “Happy New Year”, also known as “A Year-End Medley”, starring a stellar cast of actors including Kang HaNeul, Han JiMin, Lee DongWook, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, Won JinA, Seo KangJoon, Lee KwangSoo, Kim YoungKwang, Lee JinWook and many more!
Spoiler Alert!
In the movie, we see YongJin (Lee DongWook), a young and rather quirky, unusual CEO and owner of Hotel Emross who meets IYeong (Won JinAh), a room maid and aspiring musical theatre actress, during his stay at his own hotel during the year-end holidays. Love blooms almost instantly and serendipitously, especially as she understands him like no other and he encourages her to chase her dreams. They meet for the first time as YongJin comes upon her practicing a musical piece while cleaning his room and later, once again on the road. Charmed by her doe-eyed and bright personality, he tries to get to know her better and she reciprocates. YongJin bravely holds her hand as he whisks her away to an audition and even though she doesn’t get the part, they have an honest conversation about traumas, hopes, and dreams, bringing them closer. The rose-coloured glasses soon come off as word spreads of their electric chemistry and genuine friendship, putting both YongJin and IYeong in a difficult spot. 
However, nothing can come between this pair. On new year’s day, YongJin takes to IYeong once again, braver now than ever, ready to ask for her love in front of everyone. With him being called an immoral boss and her being termed a gold-digger, neither of them had anything to lose. As such, YongJin declared boldly that an immoral person and a gold-digger make quite a good combination! They rush outside, in pursuit of their own happiness under the snow and have their first kiss.
What makes this story so special is the fairy-tale essence of it all, coupled beautifully with the heartening reality of people from different walks of life. Nonetheless, love prevails. After all, it’s new year’s day!

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