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Girl Crush: MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Vibes Make Her The Ultimate Biaswrecker : Entertainment Daily

Girl Crush: MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Vibes Make Her The Ultimate Biaswrecker : Entertainment Daily

MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Instagram
Welcome to the twenty-first article of Kpopmap’s weekly series “Girl Crush”!
This series will get to know some of the female idols who are girl crush material.
A ‘girl crush’ is defined as a woman or girl who is the object of one’s admiration. In other words, one of the female K-Pop idols that fans wish was their best friend or girlfriend. This can be based on their style, personality, overall vibe, etc.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa opened the series for us followed by MAMAMOO’s HwaSa, TWICE’s JiHyo, ITZY’s RyuJin, Red Velvet’s SeulGi, Jeon SoMi, STAYC’s SuMin, LOONA’s Yves, ChungHa, former Lovelyz member MiJoo, (G)I-DLE’s SoYeon, HyunA, Jessi, EVERGLOW’s Mia, EXID’s Hani, IVE’s YuJin, CL, IU, LeeHi, and ITZY’s YeJi. Readers voted for MAMAMOO’s MoonByul in our weekly poll (at the end of the article) to be featured this week.
Let’s get to know our girl crush, MoonByul!
MoonByul is famous as a member of the vocal powerhouse girl group MAMAMOO. She is known for her charismatic rapping and stage presence.
She recently released the bop ‘LUNATIC’. You can watch the music video here.

MoonByul has unique style and a killer fashion sense. She leans towards the androgynous side of fashion and pulls it off like an ace.
MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Instagram MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Instagram
She is also the queen of taking girlfriend material photos. It makes sense because she is definitely one of the representative girl crushes in the K-Pop industry.
MAMAMOO MoonByul’s Instagram
Lastly, MoonByul’s appeal is also in her personality. She is known for being very easy-going and fun.
You can get an idea for that in this interview she did with fellow group member Solar.

What do you think? Do you have a girl crush on MoonByul?
Who would you like to see featured in the girl crush series? Leave a comment down below.

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Important notice: the vote only decides who will be featured in the next article. Everyone in the poll will be featured in the series eventually. Suggestions will also be gradually added each week.
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