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6 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WOODZ : Entertainment Daily

6 K-Pop Idols We Would Like To See Collaborate With WOODZ : Entertainment Daily

FNC Entertainment / YueHua Entertainment / Mnet
These days, many K-Pop idols and groups have taken up opportunities to collab with other idols or groups within or outside their agencies. A cross-over that seems to thrill many K-Pop fans as they get to see some of their favorite idols create great songs and / or an exciting stage performance. 
WOODZ is an idol who has been greatly applauded for his music and stage performances, qualities that have made him an influential artist in K-Pop. He is no stranger to working with others as he first debuted in the boy group UNIQ and also the Mnet “Produce X 101” boy group X1. Now a solo artist, he’s taking over the global music scene with his sensational music and performances. 
As we get more idols collaborating with others on stage and featuring on songs together, we can’t help but wonder who we (and possibly fans) would like to see collaborate with WOODZ. Here are some of our choices. 

YueHua Entertainment / Fantagio
We already have a collab stage with both idols on SBS “Gayo DaeJeon Special Stage 2021”, they showed great promise and excellent chemistry, so it’s safe to say a proper collab with just the two of them will be quite remarkable. Both possessing great and similar qualities, a collab either on a song or stage (or both) will lead to an exciting and memorable experience. 

YueHua Entertainment / Gucci
WOODZ is known to have dabbled in various genres throughout his music career, so a hip-hop song ft EXO’s Kai doesn’t seem like a stretch. Both idols are known for their dancing skills, added with their silk, soft, and sensual-like vocals, this could be the perfect mix for a very entertaining song / performance. 

YueHua Entertainment / Ha SungWoon Official
WOODZ and Ha SungWoon present similar qualities, they are both gifted singers, talented dancers, and they always deliver an entertaining stage performance. They also seem to have the same style of music, sometimes sweet and cheery pop sound or the haunting melodramatic sound. A collab with both of them will be like a songbird singing sweet tones into our ears. The two idols have previously performed together at the Mnet “Christmas Special” singing a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’. You can watch that performance here. 

YueHua Entertainment / FNC Entertainment
The fans want this collab to happen and frankly so do we. P1Harmony’s JiUng has expressed interest in collaborating with WOODZ someday and we are sure many fans would love to see this happen sooner rather than later. Both are creatively expressive with their music and performances, so a song or stage performance collab will surely be an exhilarating work of art. 

GOT7’s YuGyeom is a renowned stage performer and so is WOODZ. So, a dance collab will be a blissful experience for fans and viewers alike. Both with distinct dance styles, a combination of their talents will result in an explosive stage performance. 

YueHua Entertainment / Kim Samuel Official Instagram
Now that the idol is preparing for his comeback after a long hiatus, a collab with WOODZ sometime in the future would be wonderful. Before his hiatus, the idol showed remarkable promise with his incredible dancing and music. His hip hop, dance, and EDM-infused style could also be the perfect blend with WOODZ, after all, WOODZ has been known to explore those genres since his debut.
Are you a fan of WOODZ? Which of these idols would you like to collab with him? 

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