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13 YG Models Who Are Rookie/Rising Actors That You Need To Know About : Entertainment Daily

13 YG Models Who Are Rookie/Rising Actors That You Need To Know About : Entertainment Daily

Kang Hui’s Instagram / Kwon HyunBin’s Instagram / Yoo HyunWoo’s Instagram
YG models are known to be some of the most visually stunning models in the Korean fashion industry. Many of these models become very successful and launch into acting careers. 
There are many YG models who are now successful actors such as Lee JongSuk, Nam JooHyuk, Lee SooHyuk, Jang KiYong, Lee SungKyung, and more. Some K-Drama fans might not know that these actors started out as models for YG.
So, we’ve compiled a list of rookie and rising actors who are also YG models that you should look out for in upcoming web dramas and K-Dramas!
Note: This list is in random order.

His most recent role was in the web drama “Peng”.
2. Kang Hui
Kang Hui (also known as Kang Hee) is also a YG actor. Find out more about him here.
You may recognize him from the web drama “Ending Again”. He is also the main role in the upcoming BL web drama “Cherry Blossoms After Winter”. 
Kang Hui’s Instagram
3. Lee KiTaek
Lee KiTaek is also signed to YGKPlus. Find out more about him here.
Lee KiTaek’s Instagram
His most recent roles were both support roles in the popular K-Dramas “Moonshine” and “The Devil Judge”. 
Lee KiTaek’s Instagram

You might recognize Son HyeonWu as part of ATO6, the project boy group under YGKPlus. Find out more about him here.
Son HyeonWu was in the web drama “Trap” with WEi’s Kim DongHan to name one. 

You might also recognize Yoo HyeonWoo as part of ATO6.
1st Look
Yoo HyunWoo’s most recent role was in the BL web drama “Tinted With You” with A.C.E’s Jun.
Yoo HyunWoo’s Instagram

You may know Kwon HyunBin (also known by his stage name VIINI) as a member of the former boy group JBJ. Read more about what happened to the members of the group here.
However, he was originally a model under YGKPlus before becoming an idol. He is part of sublabel YGX now.
Some of his recent roles include a support role in the popular K-Drama “The Red Sleeve” and a support role in the web drama “The World of My 17 Season 2”.
MBC / V-Live
7. Kang DongWook
Kang DongWook’s Instagram
Kang DongWook is new to YGKPlus and seems to have been filming a lot of things during 2021. Let’s look forward to the roles he will take on and show us in the future.
Kang DongWook’s Instagram
8. Kim HyunJin
Kim HyunJin’s Instagram
His most recent acting role was also in the web drama “Peng”. He shared this behind-the-scenes photo from the filming on his Instagram.
Kim HyunJin’s Instagram
9. Moon KangHyuk
Moon KangHyuk’s most recent role was in the web drama “Tasty Florida”.
Moon KangHyuk’s Instagram
10. Kim JiHoon
Kim JiHoon’s Instagram
Kim JiHoon’s most recent web drama role was in “Your Playlist” with ASTRO’s Yoon SanHa. 
Emotion Studio
11. Jeong HyoJun 
You may recognize Jeong HyoJun from his time on “PRODUCE 101 Season 2”.
He was in the web drama “Single & Ready to Mingle”. 
12. Nam GyuHee
Nam GyuHee’s most recent roles were in the web dramas “Pumpkin Time” and in “Time of Memory” with OH MY GIRL’s YuBin and INFINITE’s SungYeol. 
Nam GyuHee’s Instagram
13. Ahn YeWon
Ahn YeWon’s Instagram
Ahn YeWon’s most recent web drama was “Sugar Coating” in 2020. 
“Sugar Coating” Instagram
Have you spotted these YG models on your K-Drama screen? Which YG actors’ careers are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments.

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