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VICTON ByungChan’s Toned Abs Glow On The Cover Of ‘Men’s Health’ : Entertainment Daily

VICTON ByungChan’s Toned Abs Glow On The Cover Of ‘Men’s Health’ : Entertainment Daily

Men’s Health Korea is once again blessing our eyes with a gorgeous model on the cover. The cover of the February 2022 issue is the one and only VICTON’s ByungChan! It is his first-ever magazine cover!
ByungChan is known for his handsome dimpled smile and fit body. He is multi-talented as a member of the boy group VICTON and as an acting-dol who recently starred in the KBS drama “The King’s Affection”.
In the beginning of January, Men’s Health asked fans to ask ByungChan questions for his feature in the magazine. 

The wait is over and fans can finally get their answers! Check out the photos from ByungChan’s February 2022 issue cover story below.
We’re loving the glow that’s coming from ByungChan’s abs in these photos.
Men’s Health Korea Men’s Health Korea
It almost feels like the sun was designed to accent his gorgeousness.
Men’s Health Korea
He even looks good sipping on a Coke.
Men’s Health Korea
Finally, ByungChan’s arms are competing with his dimpled smile. They’re both so striking that we don’t know where to look. One thing is certain though, he is completely handsome. 
Men’s Health Korea
Fans are floored by his duality and complimenting how he can pull off such a sexy look when he is usually known for being cute.
For those who are interested, you can get your hands on a copy at this link (available in Korean).
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