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SEVENTEEN’s DK Reacts With Sheer Panic When Dino Accidentally Mentions A “Noona” During A Live Broadcast : Entertainment Daily

SEVENTEEN’s DK Reacts With Sheer Panic When Dino Accidentally Mentions A “Noona” During A Live Broadcast : Entertainment Daily

SEVENTEEN‘s talented DK recently held a live broadcast for all of his adoring fans. And while the whole session had been amazing, the viewers caught a particular “Oops” moment —which has now gone viral.
As DK sat in front of the camera, viewers could hear fellow SEVENTEEN members Dino and Vernon enter the room in the background. And in the short ten second clip that has since started to circulate, Dino can be heard referring to a “Yewon noona,” and how she is “always [at the dorm].”
I feel like making a scene. But on days like this, Yewon noona is always here. Oh, what? She’s not here!
— SEVENTEEN’s Dino (off camera) to DK
Realizing what has happened, DK entered a state of sheer panic and covered his mouth in disbelief.
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Viewers also realized, based on DK’s hilariously adorable response and facial expression, that Dino may have slipped without knowing that he is being heard. Soon, DK snaps out of the shock and alerts Dino about the live broadcast being on-air.

did dino gave spoiler?!👀 bruh dk panicked he’s face lmao😅
— jorie_gyu¹⁷ (@sweetjorie_) January 24, 2022

DK: I’m live broadcasting.
Dino: Oh, I see.
Meanwhile, Vernon remained as calm as usual—and his random response to the situation had viewers cackling in laughter! Amid the panic and curiosity, Vernon stepped into the frame to deliver a chill “hello” to all the viewers. And like that, Vernon ended the chaos by getting his hands on DK’s leftover chicken!
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DK: You want some [chicken]?
Vernon: Can I have some?
DK: Yeah!
And in response to the online speculations about who the mystery noona may be, SEVENTEEN fans have shut down any potential misunderstandings by agreeing that “Yewon” is, in fact, simply an “acquaintance” and there is no real need to know.

dino didnt spoil anything! he said the name of their acquaintance thats why dk reacted that way!
— pam (@6yuci) January 24, 2022

What’s the lesson? Well… live broadcasts can be chaotic. Slips happen and that’s okay! Most importantly, though: The best way to contain panic is to be like Vernon—calm, collected, and focused 100% on fried chicken!

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