Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Girls’ Generation Member Seohyun Talks About Acting, Her Emotions, And Loving Herself : Entertainment Daily

Girls’ Generation Member Seohyun Talks About Acting, Her Emotions, And Loving Herself : Entertainment Daily

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Girls’ Generation Seohyun opened up about her experience acting, emotions she faces, and loving herself. When discussing her acting career, Seohyun talked about how acting brings up hidden emotions, as well as the differences between singing and acting. “When working as a singer, I often had to cover my emotions and maintain a poker face. This is because on stage, I had to be ‘well put together Seohyun.’ Singers and actors are different, but there are some points of overlap. As a singer, I sing with emotion and I complete the performance with my facial expressions, gestures, and body language. Acting is a secondhand creation, based on what I, Seo Ju Hyun, have experienced. So in each moment I can express my feelings more honestly.” When asked about how to face those real emotions, Seohyun said, “Every moment is like that. I think listening to myself in every moment is an important habit. Every day, I encounter many people and many situations, and so I think a lot. I observe things now that I used to inadvertently overlook. There are many stages of emotion, and the more you dig into them in detail, the more complex the emotion is. In my daily life, I’m trying to confront those emotions that sometimes get in my face.” Later, she talked about how these days, she’s not afraid to share these emotions, saying, “In the past when I felt like crying, I used to swallow the urge to cry. Nowadays, if there’s a moment when I want to cry, I don’t hesitate. When I have the thought, ‘I want to cry my eyes out!’ I listen to sad music while crying. Then I think, ‘Ah, I feel refreshed. Crying is not a bad thing’ and I shake it off.” Seohyun admitted there are parts of herself she doesn’t like, but said she tries to accept them. “There are [parts of myself I don’t like]. But because I’m human and it’s a part of me, I try to love it. I think, ‘Oh, I have this side of me’ while accepting it.” She continued on to say that in the past she wanted to change those parts, but has accepted them since. “As my mind became more free and tolerant, I naturally accepted the things I don’t like about myself. When I was younger, I had a narrow view. I thought I just had to move forward. But now I think, if you just move forward and look at one thing, you may miss precious things that happen around you. I only have one life, but I often think about what I live for. I don’t want to live just for honor or other shiny things.” Seohyun’s full interview is available in GQ Korea! Check out Seohyun in “Time”: Watch Now Source: (1) How does this article make you feel?

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