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“Crazy Love” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

“Crazy Love” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary : Entertainment Daily

“Crazy Love” is a romance drama that depicts a top-class math instructor who is given a notice that he will be murdered and his secretary with zero presence who doesn’t have much time left to live. 
The leads in the drama are Krystal and Kim JaeWook. 
Krystal has been steadily rising as an actress and has appeared in the dramas “Police University”, “Search”, “Player”, “Prison Playbook”, and “The Bride of Habaek”. 
Seasoned actor Kim JaeWook has starred in the dramas “Her Private Life”, “The Guest”, and “Temperature of Love”. 
Fans can look forward to the chemistry between Krystal and Kim JaeWook as they portray their charismatic characters on screen. 
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Crazy Love (2022)
Title: Crazy Love / Keureiji Reobeu / 크레이지 러브
Director: Kim JeongHyun
Writer: Kim BoGyeom
Network: iQiyi, KBS2
Runtime: From February 
# of Episodes: – 
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: Korean
“Crazy Love” is a drama that depicts a sweet, bloody, and crazy romance between a top math instructor who is given notice of his murder and his introverted secretary who doesn’t have long to live.
Management Soop
Kim JaeWook as Noh GoJin
 Noh GoJin received education up until high school but has become the best math instructor with a genius IQ of 190. He is now the Number 1 instructor in the industry. When he receives news that he will be murdered he pretends to have amnesia and a fiancee who is none other than his shy secretary, Lee ShinAh.   
H& Entertainment
Krystal as Lee ShinAh
Lee ShinAh is Noh GoJin’s secretary and is a total introvert. Although she doesn’t make much of an impression she has a strong sense of responsibility. When she receives the depressing news that she will die soon she pretends to be Noh GoJin’s fiancee.
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