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7 K-Pop Idols Who Have Covered Michael Jackson : Entertainment Daily

7 K-Pop Idols Who Have Covered Michael Jackson : Entertainment Daily

Michael Jackson was a global phenomenon and with an impact so great that it is still felt in all its power to this day. He is one of the most revered musicians and stage performers as many draw inspiration from his art and creativity. His influence doesn’t just lie in western entertainment and culture, it has also been felt in Korea with some of our favorite idols often mentioning him as one who inspires them.
His songs are a favorite by many K-Pop idols for covers, as his music reflects the emotions that could be felt today, and his choreography is just even more expressive and unique. Here are some of the idols who have released a cover of his songs.

We start our list with an idol whom fans often draw similarities to Michael Jackson because of his dancing style. This performance of the top-charting record-breaking song ‘Smooth Criminal’ was simply just it, smooth moves, clean and precise delivery. Every bit of this performance had a symbolic trait of Michael Jackson. From the black and white background to the hat and even the way he pushes back his jacket, it was classic Michael Jackson and gives notes to TaeYang’s level of professionalism.

ONEUS are known for their unique musical and theatrical performances that are infused into their music. This cover and performance of Michael Jackson’s hit song, ‘Thriller’ was nothing short of an artful masterpiece. From the set to the costumes, the choreography, and the vocals, adding their twist to it. They delivered a wonderful performance video that many fans and viewers will be thrilled by as they expectantly wait for similar covers and performances by the idol group.

Before their official debut, the idol group has been releasing performance covers of songs by NCT 127, SEVENTEEN, and Michael Jackson. Their performance of ‘Smooth Criminal’ shows their modern dancing skills and gives a sneak peek to viewers on what to expect from them. Are you looking forward to their debut? Click here to watch their exciting debut trailer.

During an episode of the group’s variety show “Finding SKZ2”, the members put on a performance night where each of them took to stage to perform for the rest. Lee Know, who is an exemplary dancer and stage performer, performed Michael Jackson’s song ‘Smooth Criminal’ showing off his incredible dance skills, beautiful lines, and graceful movements to cheers of the other members. You can watch the clip of his performance at 40:42 minutes.

ATEEZ’s HongJoong often surprises fans with the release of his cover performances. Since their debut, he’s released several covers from his favorite artists like Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ and Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’. Songs that showcase his creative range and musicality. This cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ is also so really good and with over 1 million views so far, it shows just how much fans and viewers love it. The fact that the song is primarily in the English language and he sings it so fluently also adds to its delight. It is not an HongJoong cover if he doesn’t add his distinctive style and twist to it. From the concept, the bright and colorful outfits that are complemented by the background, to his ever so impressive rap verses were so well thought out. He made this song for fans across the world and we are sure they love it. P.S, he also adds the behind-the-scenes clip which captures his creative process while recording the song.

The arrangement of this medley cover performances of some of Michael Jackson’s hit songs ‘Thriller’, ‘Beat it’, ‘Bad’, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Black or White’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, and ‘Heal the World’ was nothing short of amazing. This band version is probably something many fans and viewers have not seen before as the K-Pop group infused their unique sound to the song. The little beatbox moment, their in synched vocals and harmonies, the instrumentals, and the way they seamlessly switch from one song to another showcases their musical strengths and makes this performance video more exciting to watch.

His beautiful and melodic vocals were in full force as he covered one of the most notable Michael Jackson’s songs ever, ‘You are not alone’. With the piano softly playing in the background, his voice cuts through with so much emotion and sincerity. And his soaring high notes at the end were sensational. Fans can draw a deeper meaning to reassuring song / performance and possibly find comfort in it.
Which of these performances did you enjoy the most? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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