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Which K-Dramas, Couple Chemistry, & Changes You Should Look Forward To In 2022 : Entertainment Daily

Which K-Dramas, Couple Chemistry, & Changes You Should Look Forward To In 2022 : Entertainment Daily

Lee JongSuk’s Instagram / Disney+ / Namoo Actors
2022 is in full swing and we’re already falling for new K-Dramas as they get released. There are many exciting things bound to happen in 2022 when it comes to K-Dramas. Let’s take a look at what they are.
Actors discharged from the military in 2022
Woo DoHwan was discharged in early Jan. and Park BoGum will be discharged in April. Idol actors EXO’s ChanYeol and Suho, and INFINITE’s L (MyungSoo) will also be discharged this year.
Woo DoHwan’s Instagram / Park BoGum’s Twitter / EXO ChanYeol’s Instagram / Woollim Entertainment / EXO SuHo’s Instagram
Rising actors of 2022
Back in January 2021, Kpopmap selected RyeoUn, Hwang InYeop, Kim YoungDae, Roh JeongEui, So JooYeon, Park HyeSu, and Park JuHyun as actors to look forward to in 2021. 
It is time to select the actors and actresses that might earn massive popularity in 2022 according to us. Nam DaReum, Choi YeBin, Park Solomon, Kang Hoon, Woo DaVi, Choi HyunWook, and Chae JongHyeop might be the new popular actors this year. They are hot rising actors.
Nam DaReum’s Instagram / Woo DaVi’s Instagram / Kang Hoon’s Instagram / tvN / 1st Look / Park Solomon’s Instagram / Choi YeBin’s Instagram
More experienced actors/actresses such as Lee DoHyun, Ahn BoHyun, Wi HaJun, and Lee YouMi gained a lot of popularity in 2021. We are excited to see what roles they take on in 2022.
Lee DoHyun’s Instagram / Lee YouMi’s Instagram / Ahn BoHyun’s Instagram / Wi HaJun’s Instagram
New changes for 2022
For a start, a lot of big names in Hallyu are coming back to K-Drama screens in 2022. So JiSub, Lee JongSuk, Kim WooBin, Kang HaNeul, Yoon KyunSang, and more will finally be returning to K-Drama screens.
51K Entertainment / Lee JongSuk’s Instagram / AM9 Management / Kang HaNeul’s Instagram / Kim WooBin’s Instagram
2021 saw the huge success of Netflix Original content such as “Squid Game”, “Hellbound”, and “The Silent Sea”. 2022 is promising an even more jam-packed line up of original content with Netflix having announced 12 Netflix Original K-Dramas that will be released. 
However, it seems like a new competitor is stepping into the K-Drama game this year. Disney+ (Disney Plus) has finally reached Korea and got K-Drama fans excited with their release of the JTBC drama “Snowdrop” last year. This year they have a number of original dramas coming out such as “Rookie Cops”, “Grid”, “Sixth Sense Kiss”, and more with big names such as Kang Daniel (making his acting debut), Chae SooBin, Seo KangJoon, and Seo JiHye to name a few.
Disney+ / Seo JiHye’s Instagram
K-Dramas to look forward to in 2022
If you enjoy historical dramas there are already 4 historical K-Dramas scheduled for 2022 (“Youth, Climb the Barrier”, “Red Single Heart”, “Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong”, and “Joseon’s Ban on Marriage”).
There will also be plenty of thriller K-Dramas in 2022 such as “Island” about monsters of Jeju island who have been looking for opportunities to get rid of the human world for a long time and are targeting a chaebol heiress. The drama stars Kim NamGil, Lee DaHee, and ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo.
Lee DaHee’s Instagram / GilStory Entertainment / Cha EunWoo’s Instagram
In 2022, as always, there is also an abundance of webtoon-based dramas with dramas such as “Cherry Blossoms After Winter” (a romance drama about the friendship of two youths and their search for true love) having K-Drama fans counting down the days until the show is released. BL fans will be happy to know that a lot of them are being released this year!
“Cherry Blossoms After Winter” Webtoon And Drama
Promising romantic chemistry between leads in 2022 K-Dramas
Many K-Drama fans are looking forward to the romantic chemistry between Chae SooBin and Kang Daniel in “Rookie Cops”, Park MinYoung and Song Kang in “Forecasting Love and Weather”, Kim TaeRi and Nam JooHyuk in “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”, and Ahn HyoSeop and Kim SeJeong in “A Business Proposal” to name a few. There is a world of possibility when it comes to chemistry for romance enthusiasts!
Disney+ / tvN / SBS / JTBC
2022 K-Drama Lineup
There are many dramas that have confirmed their production schedules and cast members. Other dramas have yet to be confirmed but have exciting actors in talks to take on new roles. We’ve compiled a table for an easy look at which actors and dramas you might see on your screen in 2022.
There are many K-Dramas to look forward to this year!
What are you looking forward to seeing on K-Drama screens in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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