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PENTAGON Shares How They Prepared For Latest Comeback + Jinho Talks About Return From Military : Entertainment Daily

PENTAGON Shares How They Prepared For Latest Comeback + Jinho Talks About Return From Military : Entertainment Daily

On January 24, PENTAGON held a media showcase for the release of their 12th mini album “IN:VITE U.” Shinwon said, “It’s an album that we worked to the bone to prepare.” Yeo One added, “We worked really hard for about 10 months.” Yuto said, “It’s our first comeback in 10 months, so please look forward to it.” Kino said, “It’s already our 13th album. We’ve always tried a lot of diverse concepts and music styles, so now that we’re in our fifth year, we wanted to show yet another side of PENTAGON. We had a lot of discussions and meetings about how to show a more mature, changed PENTAGON. That’s how confident we are in the album’s completeness.” About the album, Yuto said, “We’ve became fancier as well as sexier. Our concept this time is ‘fancy-sexy.’” Jinho was discharged from his mandatory military service in November. He said, “I was in the military for about a year and a half. Since I didn’t dance or sing, my body had gotten stiff. I practiced a lot in order to relax those stiff muscles.” He added, “The ramyun we had at the base was really good. I ate that ramyun so much that I gained 10 kilograms [about 22 pounds] and had to work hard to lose weight.” Wooseok said, “Since we have another of our main vocalists back, after Hongseok and Hui, I was able to try bolder things when making songs. I’m really grateful to Jinho hyung. He gives off a feeling of reliability during our promotions.” Regarding their “Feelin’ Like” music video, Hongseok said, “Kino has a solo performance in the middle of the music video. He poured sweat for 30 minutes and worked really hard and I thought, ‘This is so cool,’ but in the end it was only shown for 0.2 seconds, so I personally had a lot of regrets. It really goes by in a flash.” Yeo One said, “Yan An wears a sleeveless shirt. He worked out a lot and now his arms are no joke. I think his arms are the main selling point. It was minus 15 degrees Celsius [about 5 degrees Fahrenheit] but he kept wearing sleeveless shirts.” Jinho said, “It’s our first comeback in 10 months. It’s been five years since our debut, and since it was our first comeback in a while, we tried to show what PENTAGON’s color was. We thought about what concept we hadn’t shown, and decided that we hadn’t shown something very mature. If we were submissive in love before, this time we went for a temptation of love, flirtatious concept.” About their goals for their comeback, Yan An said, “I think all the members agree, but we’d like to get No. 1 on a music show.” Jinho said, “Should we film a body profile [if we get it]?” (A body profile, or body profile photo, are a version of profile photos where people show off their toned and fit physique.) Check out the MV for “Feelin’ Like” here! Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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