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Fans Added Fake Smiles To BTS Photos And The Results Are Kinda Terrifying : Entertainment Daily

Fans Added Fake Smiles To BTS Photos And The Results Are Kinda Terrifying : Entertainment Daily

BTS‘s members have gorgeous smiles, but only when those smiles are their own! Some creative (and mildly sadistic) fans have used the FaceApp to give BTS fake smiles. Warning: May cause nightmares. Proceed at your own risk!
1. This smile says, “Welcome to my home. You’re never leaving it.”

2. This one says, “I’m socially awkward but very rich. Date me?”

3. *maniacal laughter*

4. Worldwide Handsome just became World’s Most Wanted…

5. …and that guy who keeps sliding into your DMs

6. That face all retail workers make when a customer is annoying AF, but they have to be polite while imagining ways to kill them…
Was that too specific? *sweats nervously*

7. Who are you, and what have you done with RM?

8. Creepy and old. Not a winning combination for Jimin or anyone. Ever.

9. “Can I touch your face? It looks soft…”
V, yes. You may not!

10. Jungkook: The Bargain Bin Version

I was using FaceApp to add smiles to BTS photos and I’m scared @BTS_twt
— Brittany⁷ SAW ATEEZ (@JiminandKookies) July 21, 2019

11. Okay, this one isn’t actually that bad, but we prefer J-Hope’s real sunshine smile!

12. The lighting makes this 10x scarier

13. Oh my my my…that is not Jimin! Yikes.

14. Someone needs to pay for defacing this priceless work of art

15. RM just went from cool leader to awkward dad

16. Please bring back Suga’s gummy smile. I’m crying.

17. I don’t know how to feel about this…

18. Just no. NO.

I used this face app thing and gave them smiles…Jimin and Yoongi killed me sksksksks#btsmeme #bts #btsarmy @BTS_twt
— joongi (@joongitaejungoo) December 29, 2018

19. Every time Google translates “Bangtan Sonyeondan” to “Bangladeshi Boys”

20. Someone hit the “undo” button. Hard.

Oops I face app’d again @BTS_twt
— Brittany⁷ SAW ATEEZ (@JiminandKookies) July 21, 2019

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