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BTS Original Webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” Episode 2 Recap: Zeha’s Painful Past Revealed, Haru Recruits His First Chakho Member & More : Entertainment Daily

BTS Original Webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” Episode 2 Recap: Zeha’s Painful Past Revealed, Haru Recruits His First Chakho Member & More : Entertainment Daily

BTS’ brand new original webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” has officially started serialization on Naver Webtoon with new episodes released every Saturday. “7Fates: Chakho” is an urban-fantasy story inspired by tiger hunters called chakhogapsa who lived during the Joseon Dynasty. When monsters called “Beom” (tiger) threaten humanity in Sin-si, the tiger hunters, who will be played by the 7 BTS members, gather to save the world. It will draw a lot of influences from Korean folklore and mythology, making it all the more interesting, especially for international readers. It will be interesting to see how all the complex characters discover their tragic fate and take revenge for losing their loved ones. 
Here’s a quick recap of the story so far!
Spoiler Alert!
On episode 1 of “7Fates: Chakho”, we’re introduced to Zeha (JungKook), a young boy who lost his parents in a mysterious accident and Haru (JiMin), the deity of the Beom Rock of Inwang Mountain. 
Haru from “7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
The story establishes January 16th on the lunar calendar as the day that the malicious “Beom” break through the seal of the Inwang Mountain and unleash hell on earth. Haru guards the entrance to Inwang Mountain in order to prevent the Beom from escaping. However, the Beom continue to devour humans and bring chaos from the world of shadows every year. Episode 1 reveals that this is because Zeha broke the seal. 
Zeha from “7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
Enticed by the possibility of gaining relevant information about his parents’ mysterious passing, Zeha is lured to Inwang Mountain where a strange accident lands him in the hospital with chest wounds, presumably from the claws of the Beom. As it turns out, Zeha was the sole survivor of the absolute bloodbath that took place at Inwang Mountain that day. It is safe to assume that that was when the seal was first broken, allowing the Beom to invade earth. 
“7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
By the end of the episode, both Zeha and the audience realize that there’s a terrible secret behind Zeha’s parents’ death and the key to unlocking the same is at Inwang Mountain. A month later, determined to unravel the mystery behind the Beom, Zeha hikes up Inwang Mountain to the Beom Rock, where Haru, the guardian deity reminds him that the answer to all his questions lies in his memories. The world comes crashing down on Zeha as he suddenly gets flashbacks from the past, leaving him dazed. 
In episode 2, as Zeha’s memories start coming back to him in a flood, he recalls the night, a month ago, when he went to Inwang Mountain. It is here that we see a new character, one who seems to have known Zeha since he was a child. 
“7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
In the course of things, it is revealed that this man was his father’s friend, Hupo, who divulges more key information about Zeha’s father being a part of the Beom Tribe, who live on the other side of the Beom Rock. Without further stalling, he discloses that the Beom Tribe is only allowed to cross over to the human side on January 16 of every year without exception but that was until Zeha’s father met his mother, a shaman/gatekeeper belonging to the Gom Tribe who only had to sing the Gate Game Song to open the portal between the two worlds.
“7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
With his mother being able to control the passageway at will, Zeha’s father could stay back on earth whereas the others were forced to return. Out of their love for each other was born Zeha, half-human, half-Beom. As Hupo’s story comes to an end, we see Zeha completely hypnotized. Transfixed on the Beom Rock in front of him, he’s urged to sing the Gate Game Song, just like his mother once did.  
“7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
The gateway opens and Hupo ushers his fellow Beom to wage war once again, one that they left unfinished 4000 years ago. It is further revealed that 4000 years ago, Hupo’s powers were locked by someone like Zeha, and being his mother’s son, Zeha will be able to seal him again too, leaving the only solution to all his problems being murdering Zeha once and for all. 
Finally regaining his senses in the present, Zeha remembers that it was Hupo who killed his parents as he relives all the years he has been alive with deep resentment, grief, and pain in his heart. As Haru comforts him in his emotional catharsis, there’s a new fire in his eyes. 
“7Fates: Chakho” Webtoon
The episode thus ends with an initiation, a promise. This is the very beginning of Chakho: the beginning of a revolution. 
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