Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Bias Duality: ENHYPEN’s SungHoon Takes Our Breath Away With His Multifaceted Charms : Entertainment Daily

Bias Duality: ENHYPEN’s SungHoon Takes Our Breath Away With His Multifaceted Charms : Entertainment Daily

Welcome to the twenty-fourth article of Kpopmap’s series exploring the amazing duality of K-Pop idols! 
Previously in this series, we brought to you the duality of  SF9’s ZuHo, ATEEZ’s SeongHwa, MinGi, MIRAE’s Son DongPyo, Stray Kids’ Felix, VERIVERY’s GyeHyeon, EXO’s BaekHyun, THE BOYZ’ YoungHoon, and UP10TION’s Kim WooSeok, CRAVITY’s MinHee, AB6IX’s DaeHwi, WOODZ, Ong SeongWu, SF9’s DaWon, 2PM’s Ok TaecYeon, (G)I-DLE’s MiYeon, MONSTA X’s I.M, LUNA’s Yoon TaeIn from “Let Me Be Your Knight”, NCT’s Kun, BLACKPINK’s JiSoo, Park JiHoon, ITZY’s RyuJin, ITZY’s YeJi and MAMAMOO’s WheeIn.
Today, we’ll be diving deep into the amazing duality of ENHYPEN’s SungHoon!
One of the most overwhelmingly talented, gorgeous, and show-stopping 4th generation K-Pop idols in the industry at the moment is ENHYPEN’s SungHoon. With his modelesque figure, honey voice, and a whole range of myriad talents, there’s nothing he cannot do with perfection. In addition, his tryst with fashion goes a long way too! However, one of his most beloved qualities is his duality.
Rather than being black and white in his duality, SungHoon has a rainbow of moods he switches effortlessly between. From his golden retriever chuckle to his young CEO smirk, artistic poise to aegyo, SungHoon can do it all.
It is almost unbelievable that regardless of the angle, SungHoon always looks like a Prince, without a single exception. Although, we would argue that he also looks like an angel when he smiles, “Prince” seems to be a fitting theme for him. 
When it comes to SungHoon’s duality, he doesn’t just go from looking serious to being giggly or from a hardcore concept to a cute concept. Rather, his duality is more subtle and thus, even more impressive. 
If we had to compare his sharp gaze when he is looking right into your eyes and the way his features soften when he is in a vulnerable pose, we wouldn’t ever be able to pick a favourite. What is even better is that SungHoon isn’t just this way on stage but in real life too!
Which side of SungHoon do you like the most? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below! Don’t forget to let us know which idols you’d like to see on our “Bias Duality” series next!

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