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4 Reasons Why You Need To Stan P1Harmony : Entertainment Daily

4 Reasons Why You Need To Stan P1Harmony : Entertainment Daily

Tons of rookie groups debut every year, but we can assure you that P1Harmony is like no other! Debuting in October 2020 under FNC Entertainment with their EP “Disharmony: Stand Out”, the six-member group consists of KeeHo, Theo, JiUng, InTak, Soul, and JongSeob.
Without further ado, here are 4 reasons why we stan P1Harmony and why you should too!
1. They debuted with a movie with no previous acting experience
Being the first and only K-pop group to debut with a movie, they truly are a rookie group like no other! Their full-length sci-fi action film, “P1H: The Beginning of a New World”, tells a story of six boys with extraordinary abilities who are humanity’s only hope after a deadly virus ravages the world. The film hit theaters across Korea just a few weeks prior to the release of their debut album. Not only did it introduce people to the group’s backstory, but it also allowed for them to stand out more from other rookies making their debut that same year. 
The movie is available for purchase in the Weverse Shop. Watch the trailer here!

2. They have a no-skip discography
There isn’t a single song by P1Harmony that you’d want to skip. If you take the time to listen to the entirety of each of their albums, you’ll come to realize how phenomenal all of their music is. So far, P1Harmony has 3 mini-albums: “Disharmony: Stand Out”, “Disharmony: Break Out”, and most recently, “Disharmony: Find Out”, which was released on Jan. 3rd and wrapped up their “Disharmony” album series. From intense noise music with explosive tunes to soft and mellow R&B, their discography just isn’t something you’d want to miss out on!
Here are their top 10 songs on Spotify. Listen to a few of these and you’ll be hooked on their music in no time.

3. They’re self-produced
Their music is amazing, so it only makes sense that they’re self-produced. That’s right, they’re musical geniuses too! Members of the group have credit for a majority of their discography, which is even more incredible considering the fact that they’re rookies. In an interview with NME, KeeHo said that their goal is to fully produce and write an entire album on their own.
‘That’s It’ is a song from their debut album that was written by all the members. Listen to it here! 

All of the members are credited with the lyrics of ‘If You Call Me’ and ‘Follow Me’, as well. You can find those two among P1Harmony’s top 10 tracks above.
4. They’re educated on social issues
In an interview with Forbes, P1Harmony’s leader, KeeHo, said that he’s constantly trying to educate himself to be socially aware. He also said that he’s trying to keep his fellow members aware of things like cultural appropriation, colorism, and microaggressions because he believes that they have a responsibility to continuously try to be more aware of such topics. Theo also confirmed this, stating that KeeHo is “most sensitive to such social issues” and “actually had been taking time to open up to his teammates’ awareness of such topics.” They couldn’t have asked for a better leader!
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