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NCT 127 Were All Stunned When They Won Their First Grand Prize — But They Each Handled It In Their Own Heartwarming Way : Entertainment Daily

NCT 127 Were All Stunned When They Won Their First Grand Prize — But They Each Handled It In Their Own Heartwarming Way : Entertainment Daily

NCT 127 won the Grand Prize at the 2022 Seoul Music Awards, and it was an emotional moment for both the members and the fans. While NCTzens have been rooting for NCT 127 from the beginning, most of the members seemed to be a little surprised that they had won the biggest award of the night. They all, however, seemed to handle it in different ways.
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To begin with, they were all a little stunned.

Their reaction when they won daesang 😭😭😭 our boys !! 💚
— Z e n.◡̈ (@jaeedimples) January 23, 2022

Haechan and Mark, in particular, looked speechless…

mark and haechan’s shocked reactions when nct 127 won a daesang
— ㅎ (@Ieemarkees) January 23, 2022

thank you for working so hard, you deserve it and more. congratulations nct 127 and nct dream’s mark and haechan 🤍🖤
— ㅁㄷㅈ 🏆 (@markhyuck_zone) January 23, 2022

daesang (grand prize) award #MARK
— ً (@LOOKSMKL) January 23, 2022

…though perhaps not as much as Doyoung, who simply couldn’t believe it.

Doyoung was so surprised 🥺🥺🥺
— 링 (@nctdaoying) January 23, 2022

In fact, Doyoung got rather emotional, which could not be more endearing to fans since it shows the humble mindset the group came in with despite their notable success this year.

Doyoung is crying ㅠㅠ
— Z e n.◡̈ (@jaeedimples) January 23, 2022

you have worked hard, doyoung. congratulations on the well-deserved daesang! congratulations, NCT 127!!! 💚
— clair ⚜️ (@clairdelune48) January 23, 2022

Our softest crybaby Doyoung 🥺
— 링 (@nctdaoying) January 23, 2022

Doyoung even wrote a heartfelt note to NCTzens afterwards and posted it to his Instagram story, saying that he had been overwhelmed with emotion during the awards ceremony and so had been unable to properly express himself. He explained that his expectations of ever winning a grand prize had been reduced over time, which is why he had felt so overwhelmed when NCT 127 won. He stated that he is deeply thankful for NCTzens’ continued faith in the group, even when his own expectations had gone down.

“We received a really big and meaningful award today
In fact, it was something I really didn’t know, so I think I couldn’t say everything I wanted to say because I was really surprised, so let’s write down a few letters
— Z e n.◡̈ (@jaeedimples) January 23, 2022

Jungwoo also seemed emotional at the group’s win, but fans couldn’t help pointing out how much better he handled it this time compared to when he was younger.

kim jungwoo, look how far you’ve come.
congratulations nct 127#NCT127_서가대대상_축하해 #NCT127_SMADaesang
— moon ★☽ (@moontaeillegal_) January 23, 2022

All members were also unerringly polite…

look at him omg jeong jaehyun you deserve so much!!!
— lost by jaehyun (@miluvyuno) January 23, 2022

…especially leader Taeyong, who did not forget the members of the other NCT units.

u don’t know how proud i am! LEE TAEYONG BEST LEADER INDEED 💖😭
— `miya (@TTAEYONGFEED) January 23, 2022

Taeyong : If it weren’t for all of our members that are very cool, charming, and talented, being in here would be impossible. So I’m proud of you all. My members! Please don’t get sick & stay healthy, and I hope you’ll always be happy. Czennies, thank you!
— Dyva🌸 (@captainuwu) January 23, 2022

Though of course there were some hilariously (and adorably) awkward moments!

Yuta and Taeyong cuties 😆🤍
— Z e n.◡̈ (@jaeedimples) January 23, 2022

And then, of course, there was Johnny, who brought in the happy vibes with his signature good humor.

mama! We made it!!!
— 사브레 (@209sable) January 23, 2022

Fans could not be more proud of the group’s achievement, especially given how much work the members have always put in to be creative and original with their music.

from being called a failed project at debut, to sweeping bonsang and daesang
— 竜ryu (@nct_127) January 23, 2022

I think the reason why this Daesang means so much is because they NEVER sacrificed their sound & creativity to get where they are at now.They took risks.Experimented with various sounds and genres…this is what perseverance and determination looks like. CONGRATULATIONS NCT 127!💚
— JohnJae Basura (@Dafferdoodlez) January 23, 2022

Congratulations to NCT 127 on their win! Their humility and their deference towards fans only proves how much they have earned this award. Fans will always be proud of them!

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