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2PM’s Lee Junho And Actor Song Joongki Bless A Lucky Fan With Their Adorable Friendship : Entertainment Daily

2PM’s Lee Junho And Actor Song Joongki Bless A Lucky Fan With Their Adorable Friendship : Entertainment Daily

Recently 2PM‘s Lee Junho had his first day of a fan meeting in Seoul, “Junho The Moment.”
2PM’s Lee Junho fan meeting poster | @follow_2PM/Twitter
The second day of the fan meeting will be live-streamed on beyond LIVE for fans who cannot attend in person.
| @follow_2PM/Twitter
Fans were incredibly excited by the announcement of the idol’s first fan meeting in roughly three years since he was serving in the military.
| @follow_2PM/Twitter
They were so excited that tickets for the event sold out in under a week.
| @follow_2PM/Twitter
But it would appear that more than simply Junho’s fans were excited to support the idol and actor.
Fans attending the fan meeting were shocked when Junho’s friend, actor Song Joongki, made a surprise appearance at the event.

Oh my god, Song Joongki went to Junho’s fanmeeting today as a surprise so even Junho is surprised!!! 😭😭
— wonpilates 🌿 (@wonpilatesx) January 22, 2022

They even joked that Joongki was secretly the 7th member of 2PM since he had also recently surprised Junho’s fellow member, Taecyeon, during his own solo fan meeting. The two had previously starred in the popular K-Drama Vincenzo together. And Joongki sent Taecyeon an encouraging voice message.

First he sent the voice message to Taecyeon now he visited Junho’s fanmeeting. 2PM’s 7th member Song Joongki.
— OKJM Detaective era 💚🔥 (@2PMmyserotonin) January 22, 2022

But since Junho’s fan meeting was in person, whereas Taecyeon’s was on VLIVE, Joongki could attend in person.
Which had lots of fans reminiscing about how Junho previously had gone to one of Joongki’s fan meetings as well.

This friendship is everything#SongJoongKi #LeeJunho
Junho went to Joongki went toJoongki’s Junho’sFM in Seoul FM in Seoul
— it누너 ◠‿◠ (@nuneoeyesmile) January 22, 2022

And while Joongki stayed at the event for a while, talking with Junho about everything from Junho not answering Joongki’s calls.

Song Joongki :how many times are you gonna mention this?I think he’s said it 10timesJunho :bc im sorry,when I was young n hyung was serving he called me from time to time with collect phone n I didn’t answer bc I didn’t know the number,but it was hyung😭
— 새벽이✨ (@Sshana2) January 22, 2022

And Junho calling Joongki a role model.

Q: what is ‘Song joong ki’ to junho?junho: role modeljoongki: *teasing* i can’t hear you…junho: role model!
— mepreferyou (@mepreferyou) January 22, 2022

Perhaps one of their most significant interactions is when they decided to remedy a selfie they had taken when they met in Japan. A selfie that was so bad you couldn’t identify the two of them, so they had never been able to post it.

🐧while touring in Japan we met in Tokyo,hyung was filming Good Man,I said hyung we’re meeting after so long lets take a pic n took it,but I still can’t post it,the angle is so bad you can’t say who’s song joongki who’s JunhoSJK:we’ll try to postOmg😭
— 새벽이✨ (@Sshana2) January 22, 2022

But almost as if to remedy the issue, Junho and Joongki borrowed a very lucky fan’s phone and took some absolutely adorable selfies together.

i can’t breathe boys #songjoongki #leejunho
— AJ 🗣 (@Awwrooo) January 22, 2022

And unlike how terrible the alleged Japan photos are, these selfies were an absolute success.
Lee Junho (left) and Song Joongki (right) | @Sshana2/Twitter
Showing off their adorable friendship with their bright smiles.
| @Sshana2/Twitter
Perhaps one Twitter user said it best that “Song Joongki and Lee Junho are the cutest friends ever.”

It’s official Song Joongki and Lee Junho are the cutest friends ever.
— Shoug 🐧💛 .. (@Sh_RD1) January 22, 2022


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